• Boom Beach
    Boom Beach to roll out Task Force Command soon.Facebook
  • Boom Beach
    Boom Beach to roll out Task Force Command soon.Facebook

Boom Beach, the mobile strategy game from Supercell will have a new addition called the Task Force Command and as per its tradition, it has shared details of the new update.

A video shared on the official Facebook post says that this will be the biggest update for Boom Beach since its release on 26 March 2014 worldwide. The YouTuber calls the footage of Task Force 'astounding.'

The Task Force will allow players to carry out co-operative operations against the in-game antagonists - Blackguard. Players will be able to create their own or join an existing one.

Players can find the Task Force in the Find tab that is next to the My Task Force tab. Searching can be done by name or hashtag (each Task force has a unique code). Though players will be able to chat here, this is not a chat room. The main objective of Task Force is raiding against a co-operative enemy. The chats are mainly to discuss the strategy that will be used in the raiding operations.

How to Make Task Force

Another YouTuber calls Task Force the 'social aspect of Boom Beach.'

  • Select a name for the Task Force.
  • Write the description for the Task Force.
  • Players can choose between hundreds of unique combinations to choose the Task Force insignia. They can select the Background, Middle and Foreground for the symbol.
  • They can set the Type of players who can join their Task Force.
  • They can also set the Entry Requirements. It tops out on 1,200 victory points.
  • Next a pop up arrive asking players to approve - Create Task Force (Players will be able to make only one a week)
  • The chat tab will open and the members of the Task Force can interact with others.
  • Players will be able to see Intel, Force Points. Players will also be able to raise the member limit of their Task Force.
  • Each Task Force will have a unique hashtag that will be helpful during searches

Boom Beach is available on iOS and Android stores. The story is set in a tropical archipelago, where the player will be building up defences and troops, similar to the popular strategy game from the same developer, Clash of Clans. Players can either select single-player campaigns or multi-player.

The last major update for Boom Beach was released in 14 August 2014, titled "Revenge of the Magma."