Supercell teases new content for
Supercell teases new content for Twitter/BoomBeach

"Boom Beach," the freemium real-time strategy video game from developer Supercell, received a special event that brings discount on troop training for a new troop unit, The Cryoneer.

This is special event for the weekend starts at 2:00 a.m. local time (Helsinki, Finland) June 17.

Players will be able to avail a 90 percent discount on a new troop unit, The Cryoneer's troop training cost and speedup time. The Cryoneer was introduced in the last update and she can shoot beams of ice that can freeze the opponent and slow down the defences.

This offer is expected to last until Monday, June 18, according to the post from Supercell.

The last update to "Boom Beach" had also added Friendly Battles, new Ranks and more rewards at the highest Victory Point levels and Troop Loadouts. The update had also added several improvements to the graphics of the game.