Supercell teases new content for
Supercell teases new content for Twitter/BoomBeach

"Boom Beach," the strategy video game from developer Supercell, recently got a new June update which has revealed a list of known issues and those that the company was able to fix.

Supercell noted that while it is working on the fixes for Troop loadout slots not getting unlocked or Resource Base matchmaking getting low level opponents, it has fixed issues with the Troop loadout loading, Chat Censorship and more.

The June update has added several new features to "Boom Beach," which include improved graphics, new troops called Cryoneer, the ability to fight Friendly Battles, new ranks, mass conversion of Fragments into Shards and the Troop loadout feature.

Here is the full list of known and fixed issues in "Boom Beach" following June update (Supercell Support).

Supercell has said: "We are aware of the following issues and working on a fix:"

  • Troop loadout slots not unlocking: this is a graphical issue because it states the wrong unlock levels (additional slots unlock at Gunboat level 13, 16, 19, 21)
  • PvP opponents on map looking strange - this is due to the Ranks now being shown on the map. However the ranks will only show for new matches or when using the "Find new Opponent" option
  • Resource Base matchmaking gives very low level opponents

"What we fixed already:"

  • Notifications re-appear after closing the app
  • Troop loadout loading issue (takes gold but doesn't load troops) --> you might see a "out of sync" message; this will get fixed with an optional update
  • Chat Censorship: We have no turned the profanity filter in Task Force chat off for all Task Forces. This fix will only have worked though if your Task Force was offline. If you still see messages starred out in chat, please tell your Leader or Co-Leader to disable it in the Task Force command page
  • OP boat and VP boat still overlapping

Here are some more known issues that were found in the Supercell Forums:

  • Critters are sometimes not activating mines around HQs
  • Not an issue, but the profanity filter can be turned off by Leaders and Coleaders in Task Force settings