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Supercell, the maker of the popular mobile strategy video game, "Boom Beach" is offering discounts on the training cost for The Scorcher, which is an armoured unit with shorter range and span, but has the ability to toast everything around it to ash.

"Boom Beach" players will be able to train and speed up their Scorcher from Aug. 5 to Aug. 8 for a 90 percent off on the troop training cost. The Scorchers are big units featuring huge flamethrower on its top. They are known to take the hits from enemy defences, thus acting as an effective shield to deploy troops (preferably Zookas) behind them, as cover.

Meanwhile, some players have asked the developer to update the game as they are unable to get to higher HQ levels in the game unless they pay up.

Some fans have even suggested that Helipads or aircraft carriers should be added to the game. 

Guide to take down Dr. T stages from 1 to 7

Supercell has shared a guide provided by YouTube user, beardaholic on how to take down Dr. T stages from 1 to 7.

In the guide, player uses a combination of Tanks and Medics, and he uses five landing craft with Tank units and three craft with Medics.

Stage 1 of Dr. T

As the stage loads up, players need to release the Tanks and must deploy Critters. The Tanks need to follow the path of the Critters, thus allowing players to gain more XP.

Stage 2 of Dr. T

Players are advised (if they want to get done with the stage soon) to start from the middle (avoiding Mines and Sniper Towers). Level 2 normally features a Flame Thrower, Machine Gun and two Mortars, which are at very low level and can be easily taken down.

Stage 3 of Dr. T

Each level features double the HP (Hit Points) than its former.

Apart from probably one Sniper Tower between the HQ and beach, the rest of the defences are vulnerable to Tank attacks, so use Barrage and take it out and head straight for the HQ.

Stage 4 of Dr. T

This stage normally features a Flame Thrower at the very beginning but there might be a Cannon hiding behind them, so players are advised to deploy a Shock Bomb, which will give players some time to take down these heavy defences without losing much health. The Shock Bomb has to be placed strategically to hold other defences like Rocket Launcher.

Next, it is advisable to take down Boom Cannons that are placed in your range towards the HQ. Boom Cannons are effective defences against Tanks, so take them out sooner than later.

Next, take out any Sniper Towers nearby and now deploy Critters on the HQ. HQ will be brought down in no time.

Stage 5 of Dr. T

Land your Tanks on the side of the beach that has lesser defences but closer to HQ. This will give players some room to place the Tanks. Take down the Boom Cannon near the HQ using Barrage fire from your Gunboat weaponry.

Players will also come across Shock Launcher at this stage. Shock Launchers are not easy to take out, so players are advised to deploy Shock Bombs on the Launcher. This will give players some leeway to roll near the Launcher and take out all the nearby defences like the Mortars or the Cannons.

Though there is a chance that the Tanks might be caught in the net of the Shock Launcher, this is where the Medics come in handy. They will do the job of healing the Tanks. Once the Shock Launcher is out, place the tanks strategically so that they will take the least hit and deploy a Shock Bomb at a cluster of defences near the HQ. See that the Bomb is deployed at structures that would have been very harmful for your tanks.

Players have been advised to save Shock Bombs for the last part of the stage. Players can also deploy some Medkits in case their Tanks are increasingly losing their health.

Stage 6 of Dr. T

Land all the Crafts in an area that has lesser defences but is closer to HQ. Now use Barrage to attack Boom Cannons and Shock Launcher, which might have been strewn on your patch towards the HQ.

Players must initially let the Tanks drift across and once you have enough HP use the Flares to unite them and start taking out the nearby Mortars. Players are also advised to stick near the borders close to HQ so that they can take out all the defences.

Now, deploy Shock Bomb to the defence clusters near HQ. Medics will heal the Tanks that might have come under enemy fire. Players can also deploy Medikits to be on the safer side.

Stage 7 of Dr. T

This stage has around 600,000 HP. Players must note that all the defensive buildings in this level are at their highest level.

Deploy all the Crafts at your disposal, and deploy Critters along with this. Next, use Shock Bomb to shock the defences nearby.

Try to launch a Barrage against any Boom Cannon near the HQ. Now use Flares to regroup and start taking out the Mortars and Rocket Launchers; Shock Bombs will come handy. After taking down the Mortars near the HQ, find a strategic location near the map border and start attacking the HQ. Deploy a Shock Bomb near the Sniper Tower that might be troubling you.

There is high chance that players might lose some Tanks but keep your energy and focus on taking out the HQ. This will enable players to eliminate Stage 7 of Dr. T.