New reports indicate that season 11 of "Bones" will feature a crossover with historical fantasy series "Sleepy Hollow."

At present nothing much is known about the plot except that one episode of "Bones" will feature characters from "Sleepy Hollow." In return, Booth and Brennan or either one of them is expected to visit New York and help solve a crime.

According to a TVLine report, the executive producers of both the shows have "inventive idea in place that organically merges the vastly different Bones and Sleepy universes." Although the crossover was eyed for fall, due to logistical issues it has been postponed until later in the season, the TVLine report said.

As for the new season of "Bones", a press release from the network has revealed that Booth and Brennan will be back at the Jeffersonian in the premiere episode that will be aired on 1 October.

The story will pick up six months after the events of the finale, and what will bring them back will be a murder "unlike any other."

"We will be picking them up as they have been living a life that they have been wanting to live," outgoing showrunner Stephen Nathan told The Hollywood Reporter. "From that they'll have to go back to the lives they had before, and clearly they will be different people and different circumstances will allow us to continue in a new life," he said.

The couple will also have to deal with the changed dynamics of the workplace.

"When Booth and Brennan return, life has gone on without them. People have become entrenched in a new structure, a new social order. Time doesn't stop. You can't go back and pick up where you left off. You can only pick up from where you are at any given moment. That's going to have a lot of great conflict and a lot of surprises for the characters and the audience," he added.

Both "Bones" and "Sleepy Hollows" will be back in October.