There is a time-jump of six months between season 10 and 11 of Fox's "Bones", and when the new season is aired, Booth and Brennan would have moved on in their lives post their exit from the Jeffersonian.

The premiere episode will see Booth and Brennan comfortably settled in a death-free life, and the duo would have welcomed a new member – a baby boy -- into their midst.

According to executive producer Michael Peterson, the new baby will change the dynamics of their family, and fans will get to see a different side of Brennan's personality, as she will be more involved in Christine's school activities.

"I won't say a name, but Brennan is going to have a boy and we're going to have fun with [her] as a mom," Peterson told Entertainment Weekly. "Brennan is going to become the homeroom mom for Christine, which is just very fun for us -- the stories about what it's like to have Brennan be involved in school in that way."

Elaborating on Booth and Brennan's life post Jeffersonian, Peterson added that Booth, too, has left his old life behind by taking up a job at Quantico. But Brennan isn't quite settled yet.

"Besides just giving birth to a child, Brennan never has trouble filling up her time. She's written books, she's done multiple projects. She's more in between than Booth. She's diversified herself into many projects, so she hasn't quite landed on the one," Peterson noted.

But they will soon be forced to return to the Jeffersonian to solve a murder unlike any. While nothing much is known about the murder, speculations are rife that Booth's brother could end up being dead.

Here's the official synopsis for the upcoming season: "Picking up six months after the Season 10 finale, Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) have moved on to a new town and new jobs, having given up their old life and settled into a blissful death-free existence. But a murder unlike any other draws them back to investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian and FBI."