Thursday's spring premiere of "Bones" Season 11 saw Hodgins returning to work, but he is still struggling to accept that his life will not be the same anymore. Hodgins will not be able to walk anymore, and the character's life in a wheelchair is going to pose problems in this relationship with Angela.

Hodgins had to deal with anger management issues early in the series, and it is going to rear its ugly head once again this season as Hodgins accepts his new reality. This is going to push Angela toward photojournalist Sebastian Kohl, and Angela's relationship with her husband is going to get rocky.

Talking about Thursday's episode and what's in store the gang at the Jeffersonian, executive producer Michael Peterson revealed that fans should be worried about Angela and Hodgins. "I would be worried," Peterson told TVGuide. "There is a limit to how much someone can take. We've got this wonderful car that we get to drive in and you want to get it on the turns, but you don't want to flip and crash. We certainly want to take everything to the limits, but the audience is in good hands."

Fans hoping for Hodgins to make a full recovery are in for a disappointment, because the future episodes will see the character learning to accept his disability. Hodgins will have to let go of who he was and start embracing the person he has become. "It's one heck of a rocky road. We did not want this to be, 'Oh, it's just an episode or two and it's all resolved.' We're going to make sure the audience goes through Hodgins' full journey. At the end, everyone will hope for different things," Peterson added.

Next week's episode of "Bones is titled "The Murder of the Meninist" and the episode will see the team investigating the murder of the founder of a men's rights organisation who may have been a domestic abuse victim.