"Bones" season 11 is just a month away from its premiere and the fans are already excited as Season 10 finale left them unsettling with various unanswered questions. And, when Booth and Brennan bid their goodbyes, many were left heartbroken.

Just when the "Bones" fans thought that it was the end of the series with Booth and Brennan not returning at Jeffersonian for the upcoming season of Fox's police-procedural drama, the showrunners hinted at the possibility of how the show's leading characters may return in Season 11.

Recently, executive producer Stephen Nathan had hinted that if the duo is brought back, it will be for a very good reason. And showrunner Michael Peterson, in his interview with Entertainment Weekly, said that Booth and Brennan may not come back immediately.

"Not immediately. As I previously mentioned, the show picks up roughly six months after their exit and they've both moved on with their lives. Booth is teaching at Quantico, so he's left the old life behind," Peterson said.

"Besides just giving birth to a child, Brennan never has trouble filling up her time. She's written books, she's done multiple projects. She's more in between than Booth. She's diversified herself into many projects, so she hasn't quite landed on the one," he added.

But, when asked why Booth would be missing when "Bones" returns, Peterson said: "It is a very personal reason. It's a family reason. He gets involved in something that's very close to home and is probably the only thing that would him away from the tranquil life the he was leading up until that moment."

Well, it looks like the missing story will make way for new members in Jeffersonian.

Now, going by what the new showrunner has said, we already know that "Bones" Season 11 will start with Brennan and Booth leaving Jeffersonian and FBI, and starting a new career somewhere away from the crime drama.

But, a new case will reunite them with former investigators at Jeffersonian and FBI, said Peterson's co-executive producer Jonathan Collier in an interview with TV Guide (via Classicalite).

"They didn't leave work lightly, but this event shows them that they're doing the right thing. They're returning to something they love and that fulfills them. But there will be emotional consequences. We're going to challenge all our characters, but especially Booth and Brennan. There will be events from their past histories that catch up with them," Collier said.

There have been reports that suggest that the premiere episode of "Bones" Season 11 will be titled as "The Loyalty in the Lie".

Meanwhile, casting rumours suggest that Betty White may join the "Bones" cast as Dr. Beth Mayer, an experienced forensic anthropologist who will help out the Jeffersonian in solving tough cases. The 93-year-old star is expected to appear only after episode 3 or 4. It has also been reported that the "Hot in Cleveland" actress will be accompanied by Kim Raver, who will play FBI Special Agent Grace Miller -- an officer in charge to investigate Booth's disappearance.

"Bones" returns with Season 11 on Fox on 1 October, 2015.