Booth will be missing in the season 11 premiere episode of "Bones," which will be aired on 1 October.

The previous season of "Bones" ended with Booth and Brennan, deciding to start a new life outside the Jeffersonian. But their plan to leave behind their previous life won't go as planned, as a TVLine report noted that Kim Raver will appear in the Fox drama as Grace Miller, an FBI agent who will be assisting the investigation surrounding Booth's disappearance.

Raver will appear in the first two episodes of the season.

Based on the official synopsis of the premiere episode, a murder unlike any is expected to bring Booth and Brennan back to Washington D.C., and speculations are rife it could be Jared's murder, as the second episode of the season is entitled "The Brother in the Basement."

A new TVLine report stated that Dilshad Vadsaria will reprise her role as Jared Booth's wife Padme in season 11. However, there's no word on Jared himself.

Season 11 will pick up six months after the events of the season 10 finale and Booth and Brennan would have settled settled into a "blissful death-free existence." However, a new murder will bring them back to "investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian and FBI," and things won't be the same in their respective workplace.

"We will be picking them up as they have been living a life that they have been wanting to live," showrunner Stephen Nathan told The Hollywood Reporter in an earlier interview. "From that they'll have to go back to the lives they had before, and clearly they will be different people and different circumstances will allow us to continue in a new life.

"Time doesn't stop. You can't go back and pick up where you left off. You can only pick up from where you are at any given moment. That's going to have a lot of great conflict and a lot of surprises for the characters and the audience."