The second part of season 11 premiere of "Bones" will come to an end on 8 October with the episode "The Brother in the Basement."

The episode will finally unravel the mystery behind Booth's disappearance and Jared's death. But something that has been foremost on every fan about Booth and Brennan's relationship is whether Booth's lie is going to wreck their marriage. Fans of the couple are worried, but according to showrunner Michael Peterson, Booth's lie will force Brennan to acknowledge certain truths about her.

"If it had just been a one-parter and Booth was reunited with Brennan after the first episode, I think that Brennan would have hit him a lot harder as far as accusations, but through the course of the second episode, what we're trying to get to is she understands who she is better through this case, and that she belongs at the lab," the showrunner told Parade.

"In discovering where she belongs, she also understands Booth better, that Booth is this man of action…There really is no retiring for him, so by the end of the second episode, Brennan understands that she belongs in the lab and that her Superman, Booth, belongs out in the field saving people," Peterson added.

The second episode will add more layers to the mystery of Booth's disappearance when it is revealed that Agent Miller hasn't been entirely truthful with the FBI or the Jeffersonian.

The Jeffersonian, in the meantime, will welcome a new person who will try to uncover Booth's whereabouts and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers will also get to see a tense moment between Arastoo and Cam, when the former makes a decision that could alter his personal as well as professional relationship with her.

"Bones" season 11 episode 2 will be aired Thursday at 8pm on Fox.