Mumbai was hit by a bomb scare on Wednesday as city authorities recovered a suspicious bomb-like object from an area in the Andheri district.

According to reports, the object was spotted in a dustbin near the Infinity mall which was immediately evacuated after news of the suspicious object spread.

The city's bomb squad team, who rushed to the spot after being alerted, examined the object and affirmed it as a harmless device used for emitting smoke. Soon after the investigation, officials assured the public that everything was under control.

"The Police team checked the suspicious object found near the Andheri mall. There is nothing to worry about," Mumbai police spokesperson Nisar Tamboli said, according to IBN Live.

The latest bomb scare reminded Mumbai once again as a key target for terrorist activities. Last year in July, terrorists detonated three high-intensity bombs in several crowded parts of the city. The first bomb exploded at the crowded Zaveri Bazaar in south Mumbai around 6: 54 p.m. The second explosion, which was regarded to be of the highest intensity, took place at Opera House around 6:55 p.m, while the last bomb blast took place at Dadar at around 7:05 p.m.

The blasts killed at least 17 people and left 131 injured.