car blast in Syria
100 dead, 120 wounded in multiple bomb attacks in 2 Syrian cities: SOHR Pictured: Workers clean a street at the site of a car bomb on the outskirts of the Sayeda Zeinab district south of Damascus, Syria, April 25, 2016 [Representational Image]Reuters

At least 44 people have been killed and around 170 injured in two bomb attacks in Syria's north eastern city of Qamishli in the Hassakah province, located near the Turkish border, on Wednesday. The Islamic State group (Isis) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, based in Britain, reported a low death toll of 14 and said that one of the blasts took place near the security headquarters of the Kurdish administration that controls most of Hasaka province. It also said that the blast targeted local Kurdish police and a government building located nearby.

However, state TV has said that one blast was from a car bomb while the other was from a bomb on a motorbike, Reuters reported.

According to AFP, though it earlier looked like there were two bomb blasts, maybe the first blast had caused a gas tank to explode.

Isis said, through Amaq news agency, that they had targeted the Kurdish security forces.

The terrorist organisation has carried out bomb attacks in Qamishli in the past, the most recent being the one in front of a bakery in Hassakah that claimed the lives of 16 people in July.

An offensive was launched by the Kurdish forces, with the backing of the U.S., in Hassakah last year.