Jasmin Walia
Jasmin WaliaShared with IBTimes India

In an exclusive interaction with IBTimes India, Bom Diggy Diggy hitmaker Jasmin Walia spoke about her latest single Manana, discovering her own space and aspiration to do playback singing.

Q- Congratulations on the release of your new song Manana and it's being appreciated by your listeners on YouTube. Tell us how it happened.

Ans- Manaña was a song that has a really International vibe with English and Spanish lyrics and besides, it's a fun, sassy, independent woman song. It's something different than what I have done before, and that has always been the goal. to try new styles.

Q- The single has come out almost after a year since your last release. What made you keep your fans waiting for so long.

Ans- The reason for me to wait this long was, I wanted to get something good sassy and fun thing which will be in my fan's mind for a long time. I was working on a lot more new music in these months, so that now there is no gap and we'll have songs coming out soon. also was waiting for my luck to get this great opportunity for Manaña.

Jasmin Walia
Jasmin WaliaShared with IBTimes India

Q- Going through the comments section on YouTube, Many people liked the overall music and the international feels that Manana carries, however, they said that the lyrics could've been a lot better which could've lifted the song to newer heights. What do you have to say about people's reaction.

Ans - People are loving my song, they are listening to it commenting on it and expressing their reaction, I feel that is what is important. I read all the comments and people who feel it would be much better with lyrics then surely get back to you guys with my next album soon.

Q- Your previous release bom diggy diggy was a massive hit when it was revamped and rereleased in Sonu Ke Titu ki Sweety by Tseries. Did you ever imagine that the song will become so popular.

Ans- Yes, I always knew Bom Diggy Diggy is going to be the super hit of 2018. As people actually loved the song when we released it first as single. it got a tremendous response and it was in top 20 in music chart for a long time. I have sung many Punjabi or Indian feel song but Bom Diggy anytime got massive love.

Q- One could spot a difference in your singing by going through your previous releases. It seems like you have gotten better with time and trying to find your own voice rather than imitating someone. Would you like to shed some light on your process and how do you go back and reassess your singing?

Ans- Oh Thank you so much. Appreciate it. I think we as humans are evolving with project we take and learn from it. Yes, definitely the effort has always been to create my own niche and trying a new variety with my music. Also, I feel back then there were few years of practice and now so many more years of practice are added to my singing. In the process, I have learned a lot and discovered my own space and I'm glad my fans are enjoying it.

Q- You have grown up listening to music in Bollywood. What do you think about the trend of remaking of old hit songs to shoot up the popularity?

Ans- Sometimes its good and sometimes it's not, as I have always said Indian music has great melody and lyrics to it especially the old ones those are simply awesome. I have been in UK since my childhood but still can say I love India music more than English ones.

Q- What kind of music do you like. Who do you listen to and what inspires you the most. Does music comes to easily or it takes a lot of effort to hit the right chords?

Jasmin Walia
Jasmin WaliaShared with IBTimes India

Ans- I hear a lot of songs! I love J Balvin, DJ Snake songs and recently been loving Dheeme Dheeme. There are so many wonderful composers and artists in this industry. When I hear some of the melodies and voices I'm just like wow'. Shreya Goshal is like wow. I think Vishal & Shekhar super amazing songs they create. There are many people that inspire me like A.R Rahman.

Q- Tell us about your dream, your aspirations, things that you want to tick in your to-do list.

Ans- Everyday is the new day and lives your dreams every day. My dad always said ' Never give up' and I stick by it. each day gives a new opportunity to try something new. Music, acting, dancing is my most favorite things to and would love to explore more opportunities in Bollywood.

Q- They say that music often comes from a broken heart. Do you relate to this popular belief.

Ans- Not really. depends on what genre it is.

Q- Have you ever thought doing playback singing.

Ans- Yes, I will definitely love to do playback singing.I would like to collaborate with a few Indian composers/ producers and some international too.

Q- After Manana, What next in the store for Jasmin Walia.

Ans- Potentially yes, I have a few projects in the pipeline. We are working on more new and interesting music and should soon talk about it as things materialize. Super excited for it :)