Ranbir Kapoor Deepika Padukone and Hrithik Roshan
Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Hrithik RoshanVarinder Chawla

Bollywood is a glamorous world and all its stars appear to be leading beautiful lives with all the luxury and glitz. However, Bollywood celebrities are also humans and they have their own share of dark secrets. There are a number of B-Town stars who have made some revelations that shocked all their fans.

While some of the stars had suffered from mental disorders, others said that they were subjected to sexual abuse and some others even confessed that they had cheated on their love partners. Nevertheless, all the revelations have been made in public and they are very shocking. Check some of the most shocking revelations made by Bollywood stars below:

Yo Yo Honey Singh: The rapper recently said that he was bipolar and was suffering from alcoholism. Honey Singh had suddenly disappeared from the glamour world, leaving his fans confused. He has now made a comeback with the revelation that he left himself confined inside a house for 18 months as he had bipolar disorder and had turned alcoholic. He said that those 18 months were the darkest phase of his life. He said he had changed four doctors as the medicines were not working on him. Calling the phase "scary," Honey said that he was afraid to appear before people and he had made himself totally detached from the society. However, he is fine now and is ready to make a comeback with his upcoming Punjabi movie "Zorawar."

Deepika Padukone: The talented actress had shocked all her fans when she said that there was a phase she was battling depression. She had consulted many psychiatrists and had been under medication. The actress said that she had revealed about her situation because she never wishes anyone to go through such a situation.

Aamir Khan: The actor was seen in a TV show titled "Satyameva Jayate" that showed some shocking realities of the society. Aamir once revealed that he along with his team of "Satyameva Jayate" had to undergo group therapies to overcome the hard hitting realities that the citizens of India were going through. The actor said that he and his team got very disturbed after the show.

Hrithik Roshan: Hrithik disclosed that he had stammering problems and for that, he said, his childhood was "hell." The actor said that he was scared to wake up in morning as he had to face people and talk to them every day, and his stammering would give him "little moments of hell." He was also bullied in school.

Ranbir Kapoor: Ranbir Kapoor once said that he had cheated on his love partner. In an interview, Ranbir was asked if he had cheated someone in love and he said: "Yes, I have, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness. You realise it now, when you grow up and you value it more why be in a relationship, why be committed to someone when you cannot be committed? I have realised that now."

Anurag Kashyap: The film-maker divulged that he was sexually abused in his childhood for as many as 11 years. In an interview, Anurag had said that he was very small at that time and his abuser was 22 years old. Although Anurag was obviously filled with bitterness for the painful childhood, he had said that he has forgiven the man.

Kalki Koechlin: Former wife of Anurag Kashyap, Kalki Koechlin was also sexually abused at the age of nine. The actress had said that she had revealed about the incident so that parents be more open about "sex and private parts" with their children. Kalki had said that she had allowed the abuse to happen as she was unaware of what was happening and regretted not having the confidence to talk about it with her parents.