Mumbai, Oct 15 (ANI): The polling booth became a visual treat for the voters on Wednesday as Bollywood Actor Abhishek Bachchan, his mother Jaya, the glamourous Rekha and also Bhagyashree turned up to cast their vote in Mumbai. Abhishek Bachchan appealed the people to vote in large numbers. Veteran actress Jaya Bacchan also accompanied her son, Abhishek, to cast her franchise. The people outside polling station also witnessed the glamourous Rekha as she showed her inked finger to the camera. Actress Bhagyashree also casted her vote and wished for a responsible government to come to power.Meanwhile, Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar also casted his ballot in Mumbai. Parties are fighting for 288 seats in Maharashtra, voting for which started early at 7:00 AM on Wednesday.