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    "Fanaa" was banned in Gujarat.Facebook/Fanaa
  • Jodha Akbar
    "Jodha Akbar" was banned in Rajasthan.Jodha Akbar Website
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Bollywood has always landed itself into controversies when films based on social issues has come up. Recently, Aamir Khan's starrer "PK" created buzz that it might get banned as it has hurt sentiments of certain communities.

However, the Supreme Court did not ban it, saying, "Don't waste the valuable time of court by applying stupid logic. If you don't like the movie, don't watch it and keep you and your family away from the movie," Bollywood Villa reported.

But, all the films are not lucky enough. Here are a few Bollywood flicks that were banned:

My Name Is Khan

Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol starrer "My Name Is Khan" was attacked by Shiv Sena in Mumbai. They burnt SRK's posters and also protested in front of his home. They demanded to ban the film and threatened to block the movie screenings if released.


Aamir Khan's "PK" was not his first film that faced 'ban' issues. Even, Kajol's comeback movie with him - "Fanaa" - landed itself into controversies. The film was a no-show in Gujarat as Khan took a stand for "Narmada Bachao Andolan", which did not go well with BJP and Congress.

Jodha Akbar

The Rajput community claimed that Jodha Bai was not Akbar's wife, which created trouble for Ashutosh Gowariker to release his film, "Jodha Akbar." Hrithik Roshan-Aishwarya Rai Bachchan blockbuster was banned in northern parts of India, especially in Rajasthan, where it was a no-show.

Aaja Nachle

Madhuri Dixit-Nene's comeback film "Aaja Nachle" was banned in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana for the first three days of the release. Some remarks had hurt the sentiments of a community in one of its songs' lyrics. Later that part was removed and a written apology was issued by the producer of the film.

Madras Café

John Abraham-starrer "Madras Café" faced troubles with its release. It landed into controversy because of the storyline of the film, which was revolving around Sri Lankan rebels and the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. The movie witnessed financial loss and a no-show in many states.

Black Friday

Anurag Kashyap's "Black Friday" took two years to hit theatres in India as the story was based on 1993 Bombay bomb blasts. The High Court had stayed the release till the trial of bomb blast case was over.

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love

Director Mira Nair's "Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love" got into trouble due to the sexual content in the film.

Bandit Queen

"Bandit Queen" faced ban issue due to usage of rough language and sexual content in the film. The story was based on the life of a bandit, Phoolan Devi, who went on to become a politician.