In a tragic incident on Sunday night, a 70-year-old pavement dweller was reportedly killed on the spot after being run over by a luxury car owned by a Bollywood actor in Mumbai's suburban Bandra.

Police said that the deceased, who has been identified as Chandra Bala, was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital but was declared dead by the doctors.

The incident occurred at around 11.00 p.m near St Andrews Church in Bandra, when the actor's driver reportedly named Dhananjaya Pimpale was driving one of the Khan (Sohail or Arbaaz) brothers' Lexus Land Cruiser, when he suddenly lost control and hit the elderly woman while taking a U-turn.

The driver has been arrested on several charges of rash driving, death by negligence and culpable homicide not amounting to murder. The police are yet to ascertain the actual owner of the car.

Initially, it was reported that the vehicle was owned by actor and producer Sohail Khan. Police officials later stated that the car was registered under his elder brother Arbaaz Khan's name.

So far, no case has been registered against the actors as neither of them was in the car at the time of accident, police said.

Reports suggest that driver Pimpale, 46, was indeed driving Sohail to his brother's residence at the time the accident occurred.

An eyewitness, who first reported the incident, claimed that the actor was very much present in the Lexus car (registration number - MH 06 W 540) which mowed down the woman without stopping till far.

"The woman was lying on the road, bloodied and injured. There were about 150 people gathered there," an eyewitness told NDTV.

According to police reports, Pimpale was administered an alcohol test which came out negative. He is due to appear in court on Monday and was later released from custody following a bail amount of ₹10,000.