Bold and the Beautiful
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Before Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" aired, a number of fans had expressed their desire to finally see Liam and Hope together. But they were left disappointed, when yet another hurdle seemingly stopped Liam from getting together with the love of his life.

The final moments of the episode saw Quinn pushing Ivy into the water so as to stall Liam from reaching Hope. Hearing a splash behind him, Liam runs back to the bridge to find a floating Ivy, who reassures him that she will swim to the side, and urges him to go and find Hope.

However, Liam is torn between Ivy and Hope, and spoilers for the upcoming week hint that Liam will make a life-changing decision. Will that have something to do with Liam ditching Hope to save Ivy?

A number of fans appear to think so, and a majority are predicting that Hope will marry Wyatt because Liam was a no show.

Check out some of their tweets below:

"#bold and beautiful omg liam is there he called hope of course she didn't hear him he will jump and for ivy and bam we know the rest," wrote Kathy Lavelle.

"The bold and the beautiful is starting to get annoying . Hope and Liam need to get married . The problem had been annoyingly dragging out." — Alexandra Mylonas.

So basically... Hope is going to marry Wyatt because Liam is late? #BoldandBeautiful Such maturity!

— B&B Universe (@BBUniverse_net) August 8, 2014

Interestingly, a number of fans have declared their intention to stop watching the show if Hope and Wyatt get together.

"Wyatt needs to get a life n go chase someone whos (single) n crazy muma needs to go bak to the looney bin! And hope needs to finally marry liam !! This is getting borring and old now siriously ! I love b&b but if hope dose marry wyatt I am outa here !!!" wrote a fan on YouTube, and many have echoed similar sentiments.

Meanwhile, Monday's episode will deal with Liam struggling to choose between Ivy and Hope, and according to the synopsis of the episode "Brooke and Deacon await news from Hope; Wyatt (Darin Brooks) watches as Hope waits for Liam," We Love Soaps reported.

Subsequent episodes will deal with the aftermath of Liam's decision, and Quinn will enjoy watching her plan unfold. Someone makes a marriage proposal on Wednesday's episode, as Brooke has some news about Hope for Deacon.

And once Deacon learns about Ricardo's death, he will decide to investigate further into the matter and he will question Quinn about her role in Ricardo's death.