In the upcoming week of "The Bold and the Beautiful," viewers will see Eric trying his best to prevent Steffy from finding out about his secret affair with Quinn.

Monday's episode will see Liam and Steffy enthusiastic about going to the Spencer Summit together. But Steffy's good mood is ruined when she sees Quinn at Forrester Creations and she lashes out at her mother-in-law. "Any hope you might have had of being part of this family is gone. It's never going to happen," Steffy tells Quinn in a promo video.

Eric will side with Steffy in a bid to keep his relationship with Quinn a secret. But will it remain hidden for long?

Quinn has already revealed the truth about her relationship with Eric to Deacon. Although Deacon does not believe that she doesn't have an agenda in hooking up with Eric, Quinn says it's the real deal, and says Eric treats her with the respect she deserves. "Eric fulfills me because he's a good, kind, decent man who treats me with respect," Quinn said in the previous episode. "Not like one of his playthings."

The upcoming week will also see Liam trying his luck with Steffy. Although she has feelings for Liam, Steffy tells him to respect her life with Wyatt and not to cross the boundaries.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" airs weekdays on CBS.

The synopses for this week's episodes (via SheKnows) read:

Monday July 18: Wanting to keep his affair with Quinn under wraps, Eric agrees with Steffy when she rants about her mother-in-law. Liam and Steffy share a tender moment as they make plans to attend the Spencer Summit.
Tuesday July 19: Nicole receives a special gift from Zende. Ridge and Brooke support each other.
Wednesday July 20: Nicole and Zende's relationship moves to the next level. Caroline and Thomas talk about Douglas and Ridge.
Thursday July 21: Brooke helps Katie. Steffy and Wyatt invite a guest speaker to the Spencer Summit.
Friday July 22: Katie and Bill have a heated argument about Will. Deacon tells Quinn why she shouldn't go to Monte Carlo.