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Jayam Ravi-starrer Bogan has opened to positive reviews in large. The movie is apparently inspired by Hollywood film Face/Off starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. People have good words about Arvind Swamy for his brilliant performance and the good storyline has also bee appreciated. 

Bogan Movie Review: Jayam Ravi has collaborated with director Lakshman for Bogan, after coming together for Romeo Juliet. After the success of Thani Oruvan, Arvind Swamy is sharing screen space again with Ravi in the movie, which released in India on February 2.

Hansika Motwani, who worked with Jayam Ravi in films like Engeyum Kadal and Romeo Juliet, is pairing up with Jayam Ravi once again. Akshara Gowda, Varun, Nagendra Prasad, Nassar, Aadukalam Naren, Shruti Ramakrishnan and others are in the supporting cast.

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The film has Soundarajan's cinematography and Anthony's editing. D Imman has composed the music and Damaalu Dumeelu, Senthoora, Vaarai Vaarai and Spooky Bogan songs have become hits.

Bogan means a man who addicted to worldly pleasures. Jayam Ravi plays a cop named Vikram with two shades. He is an honest cop, whose father (Aadukalam Naren) gets arrested in connection with a bank robbery case. As the son tries to save his father, he meets conman Aditya (Arvind Swamy).

Aditya has a special power through which he has become rich in the last six months. Vikram develops friendship with the baddie and successfully arrests him. Now, he has a big challenge to unravel the mystery behind his super power. What follows next should be seen on-screen. 

Average Ratings Given by Audience: 3

The movie has opened to good reviews from the audience. People have liked the action element and surprises at parts. They are also reminded of AR Murugadoss' 7aum Arivu. Arvind Swamy steals the show and Jayam Ravi is equally good. Find what the audience are saying about the film below:

Praveen: #Bogan — Director Lakshman tries his hand at an innovative #FaceOff concept which is neither thrilling nor interesting. Execution let down..
#Bogan — 2.5/5 What a mess! Promising storyline which ends up as an average. Arvind Swami, the only silver lining in an otherwise drab movie
#Vivegam #Thala57 : Holy cow! I'm shell shocked, stoked to him in new avatar. Sheer hard work, grit and determination from #Thala #Ajith

ChristopherKanagaraj: #Bogan | 1st hlf - Decent. Transmigration / body swapping concept. Aravind Swamy super, songs r gud. slow start with perfect interval block.
#Bogan | 2nd hlf - Very Good. Racy interesting screenplay.Cop - Bogan chase, both Jayam Ravi & Aravind Swami score. Another Hit for d combo.

Kaushik LM: #Bogan 1st half -Very good @thearvindswami is the king of badass. Nice police investigation scenes. Metaphysical concept. Well done so far!
The 2nd half is key as the play bet. @thearvindswami & @actor_jayamravi begins. If the film sustains its level, sureshot ahead. @dirlakshman
#Bogan 2nd half -It's a role reversal with #JayamRavi being the baddie. Some complex scenes before the final faceoff. Could've ended better!
#Bogan - Very ambitious attempt by @dirlakshman. High-concept, mystical idea. He has worked hard. Kudos to @thearvindswami @actor_jayamravi

Ramesh Bala: #Bogan: #AksharaGowda in a small, but impactful role.. Songs r good.. Movie is not face-off remake.. Watch it for @thearvindswami
#Bogan: @actor_jayamravi makes a good impact in the 2nd half.. @ihansika looks gorgeous and has good scope to perform.. She has done well..
#Bogan - A mind-bendin action entertainer.. Colorful with right elements.. @thearvindswami is superb.. Another Milestone after #ThaniOruvan
#Bogan 1st Half: @actor_jayamravi and @ihansika r repeating #RomeoJuliet magic.. Interval is key.. Fun so far.. Looking forward to 2nd half
#Bogan 1st Half: @thearvindswami is stealing the show as #Bogan in the title role.. The swag.. attitude.. Vera level.. audience r clapping

Hari: Hari: #bogan hard not to compare #faceoff but tries to keep its uniqueness by mixing local flavors, arvindswami & jayamravi fight it out again
#Bogan works for its engaging screenplay, @thearvindswami & @actor_jayamravi make us forget d logical loopholes.Too many Hollywood rip-offs.
#Bogan does it remind you of #faceoff , yes it certainly does and ride heavily on the Hollywood flick and stil tries to break free uniquely
#Bogan as again @thearvindswami swags away with his heavyduty body language in the 1st half, the love scenes slows down the mystical plot.
#Bogan looks promising with @thearvindswami poised to go for the kill as millionaire and @actor_jayamravi slick and smart in his usual style.

Sunny Kesh: Bogan was made on with gripping screenplay, excellent performances, and terrific BGM. Overall blockbuster for sure. #Bogan @thearvindswami

Vaishnav SM: Half way through #Bogan. Extraordinarily effortless @thearvindswami and a neat performance from @actor_jayamravi set the stage for 2nd half
#Bogan 1st half: @thearvindswami is take the majority, police investigation, etc. Rating 3/5⭐⭐⭐
@actor_jayamravi @ihansika

Abishek S: A fancy idea that becomes an elongated affair! #Bogan does entertain but d stretch beyond a limit reduces impact! Bright packaging though!
@ihansika is the cutest n scores even without dialogues! Happy 2 c @immancomposer in full form! @thearvindswami 's smirk is a killer #Bogan
@dirlakshman takes the comfortable rout to narrate his story! @actor_jayamravi underplays to take over the centre stage in 2nd half!
Certain stories just need biggies to create an impact and stir a thought! #Bogan 's first half doesn't dip a bit but d pace is noticeable!

Teejay S: #Bogan 1st half - @ihansika & @actor_jayamravi look so refreshing and the they repeating the #RomeoJuliet magic all over. Super fun ride.

Haricharan Pudipeddi: If you loved @thearvindswami in #ThaniOruvan, which I'm sure most did, you'll love him even more in #Bogan. The interval bang is
Halfway through #Bogan and it's a treat watching @thearvindswami on screen. With earnestness and panache, he makes you root for him

Sattish Viswanath: #Bogan Review (3.5/5) @immancomposer , such an awesome score he gave for the movie, he knows the pulse and composes aptly. Big asset !
#Bogan review (3.5/5) - @ihansika and @actor_jayamravi chemistry is a big win, loved their portions on screen! Hat-trick for this duo!
#Bogan Review (3.5/5) - @actor_jayamravi makes his mark in the 2nd half, won't say any further to avoid spoilers for the audience.
#Bogan Review (3.5/5)- @thearvindswami is stealing the show all the way, he's such a delight on screen his combo with @actor_jayamravi wins!
#Bogan 1st Half - the theme @dirlakshman had is the master. The game he gonna play after this should be everything @thearvindswami