True-to-life 3D body models, developed by "Body Labs", are soon going to be a part of real life.

The New York-based company on 3 November announced that its Series A funding for the 3D project, led by Intel Capital, has closed and it has successfully raised $8 million from it.

This technology can produce completely realistic 3D scans of the human body — wrinkles and back fat included — which carry information about several properties of the body. Furthermore, it also adds motion to the 3D model in order to determine how certain materials move or look in reality.

The 3D body model will allow one to do all sorts of things, starting from health tracking to even featuring as the protagonist in video games. However, as of now, Body Labs is concentrating only on customising robes.

To execute the project, Body Labs is working with the United States Army to design Kevlar vests that fit a woman's chest — which is more unpredictable than a man's. The company is also receiving scans from shoe manufacturers for building better orthotics and even with clothing companies for developing protective gear that fit a professional sportsperson.

The primary goal of Body Labs is to be storage of information about the human body, along with a set of APIs known as "BodyKit", which would allow developers to utilise the technology in a series of applications, TechCrunch reported.

In fact, the company has already made a website called "" that lets users upload their body scan and share it with shoe, clothing and other companies who require it for sizing purposes.

They also launched another application called BodySnap that controls the Microsoft Kinect to generate 3D body models from any place and transform the body into a handy digital platform.

"Forward-looking companies can now confidently design and deliver products and services specifically suited for customers' particular body shapes," said Bill O' Farrel, co-founder and CEO of Body Labs, according to news reports.

He added: "Mass customisation around the human body shape is fast becoming a reality, and we are playing a vital role in how goods and services are designed, manufactured, bought, sold and recommended."

Besides "Body Labs" founders and some employees, BodyMax-Planck-Innovation GmbH, Osage University Partners, Catalus Capital and FirstMark Capital are the other names that contributed in the funding.

Until now, the company has worked for several brands and organisations as a consultant.