Two weeks after the murder of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui, his medical report has come out, which is not only shocking but also unearths of the brutality of the Taliban. Danish Siddiqui's medical report, X-ray report, and photographs suggest that he was subjected to extreme torture before his murder. Drag marks have also been found on his body. The marks on the body suggest that the Talibani terrorists had dragged his dead body after the murder.

Head and chest crushed by heavy vehicle

After the murder, his head and chest were crushed by a heavy vehicle. Tire marks are also clearly visible on his face. His face has been crushed by a heavy SUV. Marks of 12 bullets have also been found in Danish's body, while many bullets remained in his body. Most of the bullets in his body were shot in the back of his body.

Danish Siddiqui
Danish Siddiqui

According to reports in the media, Siddiqui was hit by shrapnel and rushed to a neighboring mosque for treatment. The news of his stay spread, forcing Taliban gunmen to attack the mosque, which a local investigation determined was only done because the Taliban knew the photojournalist was sheltering there.

Afghan Taliban
Afghan Taliban member.Reuters

Danish Siddiqui was assassinated by Taliban terrorists on 16 July. He was a photographer for Reuters News Agency and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. He was rewarded for taking the best picture of Rohingya Muslims. He was assassinated on 16 July during a violent clash between Afghanistan and the Taliban. It has also been claimed that he was first caught alive and then murdered. Danish Siddiqui was originally from Delhi.