Bobbi Kristina Brown
Bobbi Kristina BrownReuters

A photo allegedly showing Bobbi Kristina Brown at the hospice care facility is reportedly being sold to various media outlets, a new report claims.

According to TMZ, the photo in question was taken at the facility and a woman, believed to be a family member, is seen hovering over the 22-year-old. The photograph was allegedly taken by an extended family member whose identity has not been revealed.

Although the photograph was sold to TMZ, the media outlet declined to purchase it. However, "the pic is being shopped to multiple magazines and websites, and we're told there's interest," TMZ noted.

Bobbi Kristina was shifted to a hospice care facility a few days back after her condition began to deteriorate following the 31 January tragedy that resulted in her lying unconscious in the Georgia home she shared with boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Gordon reportedly was an abusive partner, and Bobbi Kristina's close friend recently revealed the details of their relationship saying her pal was scared of Gordon. About three weeks before she was found unconscious, Bobbi Kristina rang up her friend Alex Reid, and she was in tears as Gordon had hit her.

"She was sobbing. Nick had hit her and she was scared," Alex explained to E!Online. "She was very upset. She didn't know what to do. It was as if, she didn't have anyone else to turn to. It was heartbreaking."

As for Bobbi Kristina's health condition, several reports claim that Bobbi Kristina's death was imminent, as she has been showing no signs of life ever since she was shifted to the Peachtree Christian Hospice.

The family is said to be finalising a final resting place for Bobbi Kristina and according to Radar Online, she could be buried in Westfield, New Jersey, with her mother, Whitney Houston.

"The graves around Whitney are occupied. Bobbi Kristina's remains could be placed atop Whitney's coffin, with mother and daughter together into eternity," a source told Radar Online.

"Whitney's headstone now has a circular brick border garden, and two rosary necklaces have been added," the source said. "A new sign spelling out 'Love' has also been placed to the back left of the stone."