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Let's call it a downside to being a public figure.

Bob Costas' ailing left eye, that is apparently turned pink and has swollen, has become the butt of the jokes.

For one thing we could be sure of, the infamous twitter jokes trend tends to be heartless, merciless and often outrageous - but too funny to resist its mention.

While the news is rife that the NBC sportscaster took a break from his Olympics broadcast because he had pink eye, the fact that he is ailing is not exactly the reason why he is making the headlines.

The reason is this: his eye infection tends to make a timely entry as if to solve the riddle of the hoax surrounding Sochi Olympic venues' incomplete hotels, yellow water and broken doorknobs - all of which have been butt of the jokes in a series of twitter fun-making of late.

The famous journalist's left eye jokes have taken a step ahead after parody accounts turned up on the micro-blogging site with one profile name called "Bob Costas' Left Eye" popping out of nowhere - something that left everyone going LOL!

Let's take a look at the Top 12 Jokes and Memes on the anchor's left eye: