The Blue Whale Game is turning out to be quite a menace not just in Russia, France, UK and US but India as well. After a Mumbai teen killed himself as part of the game, a 13-year-old boy in Indore reportedly attempted suicide to complete the Blue Whale Challenge.

The class seven student of Chameli Devi Public School, on Thursday, tried to kill himself by jumping off the third floor of his school building but just in time was saved by his classmates.

The boy is said to have been leaning over the third-floor railing of the building and while everyone initially thought that he was looking at something, his classmates realised that he could fall over and shouted at him. The commotion was heard by the school's physical education teacher Farooq Sheikh who rushed to save the boy, reported the Hindustan Times.

"We took him to the principal's room where he confessed attempting suicide as part of the Blue Whale Challenge he was playing on his father's mobile," Sheikh told the daily.

It is also being said that this was the last challenge that the boy had been tasked with.

Soon after the incident, the school informed the parents of the boy and the police. "We counselled the boy and also his father," the school's principal Sangeeta Podar explained.

This is the second incident of a teen trying to commit suicide in India as part of the Blue Whale Challenge. On July 29, a 14-year-old boy committed suicide in Mumbai by jumping off the terrace of his seven-floor Andheri building. It was said that the teen committed suicide as part of the diabolical Blue Whale game, which he was reportedly addicted to.

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Meanwhile, on Wednesday, August 9, the Pune police has rescued another 14-year-old boy who was said to have left home after playing the game.

Blue Whale Challenge

The challenge is said to have started as a social media game, in which a self-harm group encourages teens to commit suicide. The group administrator assigns daily tasks to the members over a period of 50 days. While the tasks initially involve watching horror movies and self-harm, they get creepier by the day eventually encouraging the member to commit suicide on the 50th day.

There are numerous posts online now, but the trend first made news when a Russian schoolgirl posted an image of a blue whale on Instagram and committed suicide by jumping off a 14-storey building. She was accompanied by her best friend, who jumped along with her, reported The Sun.

The game was created by Philipp Budeikin, a Russian, who admitted that he had convinced about 16 girls to end their lives.

"Do something beautiful at least once in your life, it is so good to die young. Life is awful, it will not get better. You are rare, a selected one," is what he told his victims. However, Budeikin, 21, seems to have no remorse and instead explained that he was "cleansing the society" of "biological waste" who were "happy to die," reported Metro UK.