Friday's episode of CBS' police drama "Blue Bloods" will see a fight breaking out between the New York Police Department and the Fire Department City of New York.

The men from both the forces got into a brawl, and naturally, the media is having a field day with this news.

Based on the promo for the episode, Frank's family has a tendency to look down on the Fire Department, with many noting that all firemen do is sit around doing nothing. The men in the Reagan household also believe that the only use firemen has with their uniforms is to pick up girls.

Frank will have his hands full in "With Friends Like These" as he will somehow have to prevent the issue from escalating. But it is not an easy task as Garrett informs him that the fight is going to make it to the front page of the Post.

Sadly, that's just one of the problems the police commissioner will face in "With Friends Like These", the fourth episode of season 6. According to the official synopsis of the episode, one of Erin's informants will leave witness protection to help his former boss with an alibi.

Viewers will also get to see how Linda is doing following the shooting.

The official synopsis of "With Friends Like These" reads:

Erin's attempt to convict a slippery mob boss for an old murder is muddled when her former informant, Vincent (Dan Hedaya), leaves witness protection to provide his old boss with an alibi. Also, Frank finds himself in a departmental war with Commissioner of the New York City Fire Department, Stan Rourke (Dan Lauria).

The episode will be aired on CBS at 10 pm EDT. If you cannot get to a television, then the fourth episode can be watched online via CBS All Access as soon as it is available online.