The upcoming episode of CBS's "Blue Bloods" will see Frank and Danny trying to solve the mystery of an unidentified shooter trying to take down the New York Police Department.

[Click here to watch "Blue Bloods" season 6 episode 3 online via CBS All Access. "All the news that's fit to click" can also be viewed online by clicking here.]

Friday's episode, titled "All the News that's fit to Click", will see a newspaper reporter who was wearing the NYPD gear being shot dead during a ride-along. Analysing the situation, Frank comes to the conclusion that the reporter wasn't the actual target, but the NYPD force, and he put Danny and Baez on the case.

It remains to be seen if Danny is fit enough -- both physically and mentally -- to solve this case, as he could still be beating himself up for letting the serial killer escape in the previous episode.

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

When newspaper reporter Lorenzo Colt (Zachary Booth) is targeted while wearing NYPD gear on a ride-along with Jamie and Eddie, Frank puts Danny and Baez on the hunt for the shooter who may be out for other members on the force. Also, Garrett contemplates taking another job.

As the season progresses, viewers will see Frank coming under a lot more pressure and Frank is going to realise soon that there is only so much he can handle.

"The responsibility of sending 35,000 men and women into harm's way is weighing on him and he has mauled over a couple times, 'even if I'm asked to come back when there's a new election, do I want to?'" Tom Selleck, who plays Frank, told The Talk.

"The big problem for him is he kind of has a hyperactive sense to responsibility and if he goes, all his universe, all those people who are part of his team will either have to retire or be promoted off."