So much of "Blue Bloods" focuses on the Reagan family that it's a lovely surprise when the show dedicates it's plot to another character. In Season 6 Episode 13, it is Baez's life that will be focused upon. 

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The upcoming episode, titled "Stomping Grounds", delves into Baez's past and experiences that are both uncomfortable and disconcerting to hear come tumbling out. According to the synopsis, Baez meets a tormenter from her childhood in a new case. This will perhaps allow Danny to understand his partner better.

In Season 6 Episode 13, a drug dealer who murdered someone when Baez was a child makes his way into her present. He returns to her old neighbourhood, making her jittery at once.

Elsewhere in the episode, Frank has to deal with a case which involves a freshly retired NYPD lieutenant. The former law enforcement officer is accused of killing people on the subway. The promo photos for the upcoming episode hint at Frank's ability to catch the perpetrator and have a conversation about the crimes he's just committed. However, we predict the end might not turn out well for Frank. The synopsis hints at his possible death.

Season 6 Episode 13's synopsis reads:

Potential muggers are shot by a newly retired lieutenant, who then goes on the run and leaves Frank to death with the complicated aftermath. Elsewhere, Baez wants to arrest a drug dealer for a murder she witnessed him commit when she was a kid.

"Blue Bloods" Season 6 Episode 13, titled "Stomping Grounds", airs on Thursday, 21 January, at 10 pm on CBS.