Bloodborne was released this

Developers From Software and SCE Japan Studio have given out new details about their upcoming action RPG video game, Bloodborne. A leaked gameplay video has also surfaced.

The game is set in the ancient and fictional city of Yharnham which has been cursed with a spell of an endemic illness. As the illness spreads, the Yharnham streets transform into a dangerous darkness as its inhabitants are affected by madness and death. The players will have to discover the secret of this to survive in the game.

There has been a leak in the Bloodborne's gameplay trailer. This trailer seems to be older, when the game was running on a working title, 'Project Beast.' But this video offers interested viewers an overlook at the action in the game. Check out the trailers here.

11 Things You Need to Know about Bloodborne (PlayStation blog):

  1. Not a Sequel – Bloodborne will not be a sequel for any of From Software's games like Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. The gameplay has been promised to be more intense and heightened.
  2. Explore Yharnham – The city is fictional and has a 19th century setting with focus on "exploration of the unknown". The city will be massive and encourages us to unravel "a universe laden with mystery."
  3. Beastly Figures from Dark – The game consists of dingy alleyways and cloaked figures which will be lurking behind the darkness ready to attack from the shadows.
  4. Yharnham's Dark Illness – Yharnham has a cursed illness that makes its inhabitants dangerous and crazy and due to this plague, its citizens are turned into hideous beasts and are not aware of their illness.
  5. Fight – The game will be challenging with a Miyazaki's trademark difficulty level in the games. "Every fight could be your last," said Hidetaka Miyazaki, game director.
  6. Weapons for Both Hands – To kill the hordes of unknown monsters from the dark forces, players will be given two weapons that will grace both the hands – left hand will have shotgun and right will have scythe-like weapon.
  7. Passive Aggressive – Players will have to enter a fight quickly before they become overwhelmed by the soldiers of the dark forces.
  8. Weapon Transformation as its Use Increases – The weapons in the game will transform as its usage increases. Different techniques can be used to transform the weapons in fight. They are customizable and can be changed to match the strength particular boss (during boss fights).
  9. Shifting Enemies – The game's enemies will be moving around the level in ways unexpected as its environment change.
  10. Helpful Fellow – If players find a hunter in trouble and opt to help him, then the help will be returned.
  11. Close Range Combat – The game will have its focus set on close range combat.

Release Date

The title will be released some time in 2015 and will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

(YouTube Courtesy: PlayStation)