Hunter's Pistol in Bloodborne
Hunter's Pistol in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is one of the few enticing titles that you will come across this year. Since the time of its inception, the game has been, time and again, compared to the likes of Dark Souls and Demon Souls. However, it's safe to say at this point that the game is set for even greater heights than the aforementioned ones.

There's a lot that's been said and written about Bloodborne, and this time around, we take a look at the few best weapons in the game that easily stand out from the rest, to accompany you on the dangerous streets of Yharnam. Sure, there're a number of weapons you could add to your inventory, but not all are as effective.

If you are just starting off with the game, on the back of playing the likes of Dark Souls, you should note that Bloodborne doesn't offer you many weapons. However, from whatever you are allowed to choose from in the game, here are the top six among them.

Hunter Axe

The Hunter Axe is a perfect weapon if you are looking to inflict extra damage on your opponent. The weapon may not be the quickest in your inventory, but it still is a big deal as far as the amount of damage and power involved is concerned. If you are equipped with the Hunter Axe, it's best if you take a double swing of the Charge Attack with your axe, as that will give you more room and range to attack your enemies. The Hunter Axe, equipped with the Charge Attack, is your best option to deal against large opponents. But it's still advised to keep in mind that the weapon's reaction time is not the greatest.

Hunter Pistol

The Hunter Pistol should be available to you as your default secondary weapon. However, again the Hunter Pistol has its own limitations as even though it's fast, it may not be that effective if you are looking to stop enemies from approaching. But there are exceptions. For example, if you can combine the power of the Hunter Pistol with the double combo attack of your Hunter Axe, expect immediate and devastating results. Moreover, the speed of the Hunter Pistol will come handy in stunning enemies.

Ludwig's Holy Blade

That Ludwig's Holy Blade is one of the best weapons around isn't anything new. However, what will set back is the price tag attached to it. The Holy Blade costs 20,000 Blood Echoes and can be purchased from the Bath Messenger in Hunter's Dream. If that kind of a price sounds too much at the start of the game, you need not spend on the weapon the moment you have that many Blood Echoes. Rather, play through most of the game, level up, and then go for the weapon. The Holy Blade is faster than the Hunter Axe, aside from offering a variety of attacking variations. The normal R1 attack is in the slash category, while the short-form Charge Attack is a thrust attack. Also, the long-form attacks offer blunt damage.

Burial Blade

While the Burial Blade isn't available at the start of your very first timeout with Bloodborne, it should be made available to you from the Bath Messenger, depending on how you finished your first take on the entire game. The Burial Blade is a mix between the Holy Blade and the Hunter's Axe, aside the fact that the weapon also comes with an Arcane stat. This means mounting your Arcane level will increase the attack power of the weapon as well.

Saw Cleaver

When you start off the game, you will be asked to choose from the Saw Cleaver, the Hunter's Axe and the Threaded Cane as your go to primary weapon. Note that of all the three, the Saw Cleaver will give you the best overall experience when dealing with the early enemies. Not only is the Saw Cleaver powerful, it also inflicts a decent amount of damage on the opponent. For instance, even the weapon's normal attack is enough to stun enemies. The Saw Cleaver is also effective if you are taking on a large number of enemies, provided you have already stunned them with the Hunter's Pistol.

Threaded Cane

The Threaded Cane is basically a mix of all the good things of the Cleaver and the Axe, combined into one. However, even though the weapon has speed, it still lacks the kind of dominance and power that you will get from the Cleaver and the Axe. The Threaded Cane should work out for you if you are taking on a single enemy.

[Source: Prima Games]