Bloodborne was released this

If Bloodborne still hasn't taken you by storm, it's high time you grabbed a copy of it and started mashing the buttons. However, for those who have already been swept off their feet, know that it's now possible to carry the game along with you, when not in front of your console.

Bloodborne has been gaining some traction from the moment it was announced to the day of its final release, and beyond. And in case you can't have enough of it, thanks to the console's remote play settings, you can log into your PS4 over a local Wi-Fi connection or the internet to play on your PS4 from wherever you are.

Sure, it won't the same kind of experience that you might get out of playing the game on a PS4, but it still is good enough for all those who are looking to stay connected to the game and play it almost all the time, irrespective of their locations.

Here are five of the easiest steps to play Bloodborne on the handheld:

Step 1
When at the PS4 homescreen, hit up to access the top shelf of options and choose Settings. Find the 'Remote Play Connection Settings' in the list and load it.

Step 2
From here, make sure that the 'Enable Remote Play' is ticked. Also, ticking the 'Connect Directly with PS Vita' option for a better experience is recommended  Following that, hit 'Add Device' and you'll be offered a code, which you will need to type into the Vita. Make sure that handheld is near you at all times.

Step 3
Now just get your PS Vita and hit the PS4 Link app. If you don't see it in your handheld, it probably means you will need to update your Vita's system firmware from the Settings app.

Step 4
In the PS4 Link app, choose 'Remote Play' from the list. In the next screen, just enter the number that's currently showing on your TV screen. After a few seconds you should see the PS4 settings menu appear on your Vita. Note that you only need to go through this process once, following which you'll be able to immediately connect the Vita to your PS4.

Step 5
Here on, the game should be already ported over to your handheld and you should be able to go through it, albeit different controls and smaller screen ratio. We recommend that you spend some time in getting used to the controller mapping for the game on your handheld.

[Source: Pocketgamer]