Bloodborne, the action RPG from developer From Software, is a PS4 exclusive that released on 24 March.

The game is all set to welcome a new DLC, The Old Hunters, on 24 November. In preparation for this DLC, and recently Sony, its publisher revealed parch 1.07 features, weighing a massive 9GB.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC will cost players $19.99. The Old Hunters will allow the player to "uncover the forgotten tales of these brutal Hunters, trusted with guarding the terrible secrets of Byrgenwerth," that will allow the players to explore three new hunting grounds: The Hunter's Nightmare, Research Hall and the Fishing Hamlet.

It also promises new enemies in Yharnam's hunting grounds, new clothing sets and10 new weapons.

Guide to access The Old Hunters DLC

The players who have already bought and downloaded The Old Hunters DLC can follow the steps mentioned below to gain access to it.

Step 1

Defeat the boss of the Cathedral Ward and examine the altar in the back of the room to change the in-game time to night.

Step 2

Go to the Hunter's Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter from a messenger.

Step 3

Go to the Oedon Chapel and leave via the left-hand exit to enter the square.

Step 4

1. Go to the right-hand end of the square to trigger an event. This event will take you to the new area: the Hunter's Nightmare.

2. Lighting the lamp in the new area will allow you to travel to and from the area via an Awakening Headstone in the Hunter's Dream.

Patch 1.07 revealed

Patch 1.07 for Bloodborne is a massive update that will see the addition of "League" feature, introduction of new NPCs in the game, addition of 'Federation' element, NPC co-op partners, Chalice Dungeons changes and changes in co-op partner illusions.

Reddit user spacemanticore has revealed what new things the players might find in the patch:

Gameplay and Items

  • Valtr will give you the "Impurity" Oath rune if you join the League. Raises maximum HP while summoned by 2%
  • Killing Valtr will cause him to drop the "One-Eyed Iron Helm"
  • If you kill Valtr, a hunter in the Forbidden Woods (next to the first lamp) will spawn near the lamp and drop a new Hunter's Tool. Madara's Whistle. Summons a giant snake head under you and damage anything around you. Also does damage to you. It is a Bloodtinge spell and requires 18 BT.
  • The Old Hunter Bell can be found on top of the stairs in the Hunter's Dream. "Use insight to call for help from the Old Hunters".
  • Summon signs for Alfred and Gascoigne have been added. They have a red/orange tint to them and can be found in their original locations.
  • Alfred has been renamed Old Hunter Alfred: Vileblood Hunter
  • Augur of Ebretias can now cause backstabs and possibly parry.
  • New Chalice Dungeon Materials available in the insight shop

Glitches / Skips

  • Old Yharnam Skip unchanged
  • Sewer Skip unchanged
  • Vicar Amelia glitch fixed!
  • Full HP Refill Glitch before Shadows of Yharnam has been fixed
  • Forbidden Woods OoB Skip unchanged
  • Lunarium Key skip unchanged
  • Both Yhar'hagul skips untouched

Some of the other changes that will be affected by the update include:

Sky turns grey when a fight is going on in Hunter's Dream. Scaling Gems now work properly when player upgrades or tweak weapons.

Guide to get Madara's Whistle

Reddit user FirehawkDRK75 has shared a guide that will help in getting Madara's Whistle without killing Valtr.

After you get and crush your first Vermin, talk to Valtr to get your "League Staff" item & "League Oath" gesture.

Use the lamp to get back to the dream then warp back to the woods.

Soon as you spawn there will be the hunter NPC right infront of you, giving you his back also for a nice backstab opener, kill him, he will drop the whistle.

Another user, GnoClip, suggested the following steps to those who did not get staff and gesture from Valtr:

  1. Talk to him first and swear oath
  2. Go back to dream equip his rune
  3. Get vermin by helping a beckoner kill a boss
  4. Go back to him and crush the vermin in front of him.
  5. Talk.