We have had a good time going through the entire single player campaign for Bloodborne. However, that feel-good quotient almost amplifies two-fold as soon as you step into the multiplayer side of things. After all, who wouldn't look for a PvP mode in a procedurally generated world as that of Bloodborne.

The single player experience educates on most of the things that are needed to remember while facing opponents, but it is still a big deal to step into the multiplayer mode and apply all that you have learnt there. Here are a few tips on Bloodborne's multiplayer mode:

Check Opponent's Health with Poison Knives

  • Poison Knives are one of the most potent weapons that you will have in your arsenal, heading into the multiplayer mode of Bloodborne. Poison Knives are best used if you throw it at your opponent while he or she is backing away from you (after taking heavy damage) and planning on using a Blood Vial.
  • Poison Knives may not look that potent, but they will surely make your opponent use his or her Blood Vials faster than usual, delivering considerable and long-term damage. The ones who run out of Blood Vials will face considerable problems heading into a PvP match.
  • It's almost impossible to dodge a Poison Knife attack, especially when applied in a close-ranged battle.

Making Most Out of Visceral Attacks

  • In the PvP multiplayer mode for Bloodborne, you will face off against Hunters like you. This is a sort of blessing in disguise as you can use same kind of moves and stun them like you did with all the NPC Hunters in the game.
  • Since you know the controls, movements and all the animations related to it, it should be somewhat easy to guess which move your opponent is ready to try out on you. Everything depends on proper timing, though, as you opponent will also have a faint idea about how you intend to block his or her hit.

Blood Vials – Key to Survival

  • When starting off in the grand open-world multiplayer mode of Bloodborne, know that each player will be limited to around 20 Blood Vials. Since this is the multiplayer mode, players will expect to come across other opponents and battle with them, losing out a few Blood Vials in the process.
  • Blood Vials remain as the primary resource to replenish your health when attacked by monsters and other opponents. Make sure you use your share of Blood Vials in the game smartly, since nothing is worse than running out of them in the middle of an intense PvP match.
  • Always keep a check on the Blood Vial count of your opponent as this helps in strategising your moves and position to win the battle. When your opponent has no Blood Vial remaining, he or she will usually turn aggressive and try to end the battle in a hurry. This is where you counter and make the required hit.

Keep an Eye Out for Stamina

  • Another key factor in facing your opponent in a PvP battle is to keep check on the Stamina count – both for yourself and your opponent. Both players can see the other's health bar and will know when they are closing towards the end, although your opponent's stamina bar will still be out of the picture.
  • It's actually an intelligent move if you can save up some of your stamina in the middle of a combo (break the combo, if necessary) and use that to chase after your opponent when he or she is gearing up to use a Blood Vial.

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[Source: Prima Games]