Bloodborne has a huge in-game world that requires quite the exploring. And if you are new to the scene, there are chances that you might just miss out on most of the collectibles that are scattered all across the world.

Although you might have beaten Bloodborne already, owing to the game's immense replay value, you can still venture into Yharnam and pick up whatever you missed out on, the first time round. And believe us when we tell you that there's more than actually meets the eye.

Once you have played the game entirely, there's no chance for you to get back to the start, and rather start an entirely new game session in the New Game+ mode (you get to keep almost all of your items from the previous session). However, the second time around, enemies are harder to hit, have more health, but emit more Blood Echoes than usual.

Provided that you have already beaten the game once and by-hearted the basics of it, here are some tips that will help you land major items such as the Burial Blade and create an Arcane Build. Check them out below.

Bloodborne: Crafting Arcane Build
If you have already played Bloodborne once, needless to say, your entire focus throughout the game was stuck to enhancing your strength, skill, vitality and stamina. However, the second time around, you will notice that there's not much levelling up happening with regards to the aforementioned areas, although you will indeed have a healthy amount of vitality and stamina at your disposal. And while you look ahead to build upon the already acquired stamina and vitality, it's also a good time to focus on creating an Arcane build.

For the Acrane build, if you have picked up the spell, A Call Beyond (find it just before the boss battle against Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos), and the Tonitrus weapon along with the Tiny Tonitrus item, note that you'll also require a respectable Arcane level to actually use any of these. It seems a Call Beyond requires 40 Arcane (just to prepare the spell), and is powerful, and hence requires a high Arcane level. Make sure you get your Arcane up to level 40 and try your hand on the spell. The results could be flattering, depending from player to player.

Bloodborne: Acquire Burial Blade and Level Up
One of the few perks of starting a new game is that you get to start with more vitality and stamina, apart from a second chance at picking up loot that you have missed out on previously. Accordingly, you'll have the Burial Blade to level up in New Game+ and it's better that you farm for items now while your enemies aren't that powerful. You can buy the Burial Blade from the Bath Messenger shop, upon defeating Gehrman, the First Hunter.

The Burial Blade won't be all levelled up at start, but provided you have farmed a few Blood Stone Shards and other weapon upgrade items, you can now get the weapon up to a Burial Blade +6 or higher. Add a few good Gemstones to the weapon and it will serve you well enough for the first few areas. Keep upgrading your Burial Blade as much as possible. The Burial blade level won't go up much until the second half of the play session, but its better if you have a Burial Blade +9, which is better than most weapons in your inventory.

Bloodborne: Acquire a Second Blood Rock
Once you reach the end of your second playthrough of the game (your first New Game+ experience), pick up a second Blood Rock. While you do get the first Blood Rock in the main game, it's better if you pick as many as possible since it will help you pick up a weapon with the maximum level.

[Source: Prima Games]