Bloodborne was released on 24 March,

Following the success of Dark Souls game franchise, this new action RPG game from From Software  Bloodborne will take players to the city of Yharnam, with the protagonist going in as one of the numerous travelers seeking medical remedy.

But the city has become the opposite, as citizens have been plagued with illness that has transformed them into violent monsters. Players must navigate the streets and fight against the creatures they confront.

Bloodborne was released on 24 March, 2015 exclusively for PlayStation 4. The last such PS4 exclusive was The Order: 1886 that had left many disappointed. Bloodborne was thought to be a spiritual successor to Dark Souls franchise.

Below are some of the guides, tips and tricks that will help them sail past or attack the creatures in a well prepared way:

Only one Shield in the Game

There will be only one shield in the game, known as the "Wooden Shield" that players will be given at the start of the game. This will be the only defensive shield in the game, reports Gameranx.

This says the post will be like a training shield that will help them sail past the early dangers and they will have to bank on quick dodges or long-range guns.

New Update to Address Slow Loading Time

Sony has confirmed in a statement to IGN that it will be addressing the slow loading time that is being reported in Bloodborne.

Many players criticised the framerate drops and other performance issues along with the load time issue. But these have not been a hindrance to players who have jumped into playing the game in overwhelming numbers.

Sony told IGN that the developer was, "currently exploring another patch for Bloodborne, seeking ways to improve load time duration, in addition to other performance optimisations and miscellaneous bug fixes. We will provide more information as soon as possible."

PC Gamers Feel Back Stabbed – File Online Petition

With no PC version of Bloodborne in sight, some PC gamers have felt a sense of betrayal. 

They have made an online petition on requesting From Software to bring the game to PC gamers too.

"Everyone should be able to play your game. It is not fair that we are left out. You have betrayed us after releasing your last two games on PC," reads the statement in the petition.

So far there have been 15,329 signees and they have a target to reach 25,000 signatories.

Beginners Guide – Tips and Tricks

This game is difficult to even the most hardcore gamer out there. Players have been warned of dying many times and have to start again, this is part of the game process says Trusted Reviews, which has shared some tips and tricks.

Hunter is the main playable character of Bloodborne.


Choose a Class

Players have to choose a class and in Bloodborne  and it is called Origins. These have been designed looking at the hardness of game that you can put yourself in.

Milquetoast has fair stats in all areas and is an all-rounder that players can try out. The other being Waste of Skin, where players will start at level 4 instead of level 10. Though players start as wimp, they will be able to customise their stats better than other classes.

Cruel Fate is a harsher class that concentrates on Arcane stat that will allow players to use magic weapons but it will take them sometime before they can meet anyone.

Stat Contexts

Here are some stats and their meaning:

Blood Echoes – This is the currency in Bloodborne and not to be factored when selecting class.

Vitality – Shows your hit points, defense stat and the damage sustained. It is softcapped at 30 and hardcapped at 50.

Endurance – This is the green bar that reflects your stamina. It goes down as your character has been attacked or as you dodge or run. It is hardcapped at 40, so a player's maximum stamina is at 160.

Strength - This is the main stat in the game – Strength (attack power) will affect when there is damage by melee weapons. This softcaps at 25 and hardcaps at 50.

Bloodtinge – It affects firearms' power. This softcaps at 25 and hardcaps at 50.

Skill – Gives more damage when player uses skill weapons. This softcaps at 25 and hardcaps at 50.

Arcane - This determines your magic skill. It is of use at a later stage of the game. This softcaps at 25 and hardcaps at 50.

Below are some quality starting builds that can help players started with the game.


This build will allow you to use any weapon in the game with decent scaling.

Origin: Military Veteran

  • Vitality 50
  • Endurance 40
  • Strength 30
  • Skill 25
  • Bloodtinge 24
  • Arcane 6


This build is for players focusing on strength based weapons.

Origin: Military Veteran

  • Vitality 50
  • Endurance 40
  • Strength 50
  • Skill 14
  • Bloodtinge 15
  • Arcane 6


This build is for players focusing on skill based weapons.

Origin: Military Veteran

  • Vitality 50
  • Endurance 40
  • Strength 16
  • Skill 50
  • Bloodtinge 13
  • Arcane 6


Blood Vials and Bullets

The manual healing units are Blood Vials and this will help players regain their health. Bullets can be used when a player is carrying a gun in left hand.

The Start

Players are transported to the ruined city of Yarnham. The city is plagued by a illness that has turned its citizens into horrible creatures.

Players will meet the creatures and also some gangs of enemies as they enter the city. The first such creature players meet is the werewolf that will kill you but then you reach Hunter's Dream, which is a hub area in Bloodborne. This area is safe and will allow players to level-up and will transport you to other areas in the game.

Interact with the hotspots near the stairs and pick up starter weapons.

Starter Weapons

The game will provide players with five weapons that they can pick from the lot.

Melee weapons are available in the form of Saw, Axe and Cane. Saw is a faster weapon but less powerful than the Axe, which is a bigger weapon. However, the most agile is the Cane but does not do any damage.

Saw has been voted as the most versatile of the lot.

Ranged weapons - The blunderbuss and the pistol -- Blunderbuss is short-ranged weapons and fires at a wide angle and can be used at an enemy that is attacking in a group. It inflicts damage at a closer range. Pistol is long ranged weapon which will inflict more damage but hits only one target at a time. Guns are basically used to stun the enemy and then use melee attack to hit them with high damage.

Blunderbuss is the better weapon.

Now equip the weapon of your choice and head back to Yarnham to take on the werewolf.

Players will be able to buy all the above weapons and more from the merchant in Hunter's Dream after they kill the first boss.

Guide to Get your Weapon Working

Bloodborne is an action intensive game and players will not be able to bank on their shield. So once a player has taken the damage, they have to fire back within the given time if they want to regain health.

Players will be able to change from large weapons to smaller weapons by quickly pressing L1. Larger weapons can do more damage but are slower and smaller weapons are faster and do lesser damage.

You can improve your health in exchange of five Quicksilver Bullets. Use the triangle button to make up for lost health by using blood vials if you have a huge number of them, reported Gamepur.

Guide to Level-up

Players have to use Blood Echoes to buy items that are sold by merchants in Hunter's Dream hub, in order to level up.

To start with, players are able to buy some item as they chat with the doll that will come to life later. But players can improve their character by spending Blood Echoes. They can buy improved armour – there is a full set of 'Yarnham' gear for 2500 Blood Echoes.

Stockpiling as Reserves

Though there is no way to store your Blood Echoes, players are able to stockpile their items in one of the tables in Hunter's Dream, which can also be sold when players need some quick money.

Check the Messengers

Players need to check the messengers that are on the floor hotspots in Hunter's Dream. They sell items.

Defeating bosses and progressing through the game will make more such messengers appear. They also appear near the two fountains in Hunter's Dream.

Combat by Observation – O Button

In Bloodborne, players will have to observe the attack patterns of an enemy. Do not get surrounded by enemies at any cost. The O button will be very important.

Use blunderbuss to attack them, this will delay their attacks, now use a swiping attack that will hit more enemies. If a player kills an enemy, they will earn Blood Echoes.

Note that players will be rewarded for both aggressive and offensive tactics. Keep hitting on the enemy to regain health once you have it killed.

Lamps/Lanterns as Checkpoints

In Bloodborne, player use lamps to continue their progress similar to bonfires in Dark Souls 2.

Though players can use lamps to teleport back to Hunter's Dream, where they can change their weapons or buy new ones. But when they come back all the enemies are re-spawn.

Dying in Bloodborne

Players must note that when they die in Bloodborne, they will also lose all the Blood Echoes they had gathered in the battle and they will be transported back to the nearest lamp. But players can collect their Blood Echoes again but if they die without collecting then they are gone permanently.

Blood Echoes will be lying as a glowing mass on the floor near the place where you were killed. They might also have been taken by a rival. Such enemies who have taken your Blood Echoes can be spotted through their glowing eyes. Players have to kill them to regain what was theirs.

Guide to Beat Cleric Beast – First Boss

One of the fist bosses that players in Bloodborne will face is Cleric Beast, who will be near the rampart of the upper area of Yarnham – behind a pair of werewolves.

Since it is very tricky to kill them, Trusted Reviews have recommended that players continue to explore till the find a shortcut. Cleric Beast will be sitting in a wheelchair in a dark house, players will have go up the stairs to confront it.

Now players will also have to draw the werewolves to the house. They will not be able to enter since the door is too small for them. This will give you an edge.

Now take your time to defeat Cleric Beast. It has a consistent behavior and players can dodge its attacks. But they have to be slow and tactfully use dash move to get behind it when it attacks and now lodge a heavy attack and escape it by dodging it. Do not get stuck in its follow-up hits.

It is ideal to level-up the character before you take on the Beast.

Guide to Beat Father Gascoigne – Second Boss

Players have met Father Gascoigne before they have met Cleric Beast due to some wrong turns. Now if you too have, turn back sooner than later because, Gascoigne is trickier than Cleric Beast.

He was a hunter before being infected by the virus and as soon as his health hits 15-20% he turns into a huge werewolf.

Players can lure him to "the flat paved area up the stairs," below this is filled with gravestones which will also help you avoid his attacks. Once you reach the top area, players are able to predict his attacks.

During his slashes, as players dodge this, they will find room to make a heavy attack that will deal a good damage.

Players can also upgrade their weapon if the find battling against him very difficult. The fight might get trickier as he transforms into a werewolf. Keep some Molotov Cocktails that will help you in the fight during the last stage.


Bloodborne has a bell that can be picked up in the gameplay that's allows them to use – Insight. Insight can be made use to summon other players to help them when faced with difficult battles.

Players will also be able to gain extra Insight by using an item called Madman's Knowledge, found around the game world.

Weapons Upgrades

Weapons can be upgraded in Hunter's Dream using one of the tables and items known as Blood Stone Shards. This will increase the damage to enemies.

The early part of the game half-werewolf drop Blood Stone Shards. Players will be able to upgrade their weapons three times before the upgrade cycle moves into a new catalyst.

Players must also note that they can they can use O button to run and slide down the ladders. Some creatures can climb up and come down the ladders too so use the O button to knock them down.

Weapons have the tendency to lose their edge so visit the the workshop in Hunter's Dream and repair your weapons.

Meanwhile, players must explore the world of Bloodborne completely as it has many shortcuts, secret ways and items that will be helpful in the long run. Check doors, windows for NCPs.

Guide to Play Co-operative game

Below is a guide to play co-op session in Bloodborne, courtesy Gameranx:

  1. Players have to find an item known as "Beckoning Bell." This can be acquired in Hunter's Dreams once they have defeated the first boss.
  2. You will need some Insight.
  3. Once you are in the gaming world, use the Beckoning Bell to signal the activation of a co-op. Once this is triggered, players can roam around and do not need to stand near it.
  4. For other players to join you, they have to be in the same area as you are in. So go to voice chat and tell your friends to meet at the location you specified. Players can also team up with random players who are in the area.
  5. If a player needs to play with someone specific, they have to enter Options > Network > Enter Password in "Password Matching." Players should make sure that you and your friend have the same password. This will allow both to join each others' game.

To end the co-op session use "Silencing Bell."

PlayStation 4 Controls for Bloodborne

Below are some of the basic controls that will help players to use Bloodborne PlayStation 4 Controls (Gamepur):

  • Triangle – This will restore HP by using Blood Vials. If there are no Vials then this button cannot be used.
  • Circle – This button can be used when ocked-on to enemy, with the help of left stick players can reach the desired direction.
  • When not being locked on with the enemy, using it with left stick will allow the character to roll in a desired direction.
  • Players can also use this button to sprint – they have to hold down with left stick to complete the action.
  • X - Action button.
  • Square - Use item
  • L1 Button – This can be used to deliver "Transformational Attack."
  • L2 Button - This button can be used to attack with the weapon in the left hand. It will also help in attacking the right hand weapon with both hands.
  • R1 Button – This can be used for two forms one to deliver "Transformational Attack" when holding down the button to deliver a charged attack and the second will be along with the left stick forward to deliver a jump attack.
  • R3 Button – To view Stats while on the stats page and to see Stat properties when on your stat screen.
  • Right Stick - Camera control
  • R3 Click - Toggle between locks when near an enemy and reset the camera otherwise.
  • Left Stick - Character movements

Directional Buttons

  • Down - Switch item to be used
  • Right - Switch right-hand weapon
  • Left - Switch left-hand weapon

Guide to use Counter Shot

Shoot before the enemy is just about to attack you and use R1 when the enemy is falling to deliver a high power attack.

Guide to use Backstrike

Attack the enemy with full charge from behind and use R1 when the enemy is falling to deliver a high power attack.