New Bloodborne patch 1.05 arrives

Bloodborne is a great game, but as any other title out there, it isn't free of its own share of exploits and glitches. The game may just be out, but that hasn't stopped the community from sitting down at the game with a pen and paper and noting down all of them to present it for others.

Recently, YouTuber Gametastik posted a video that showed a brand new Bloodborne item duplication exploit. And as the name suggests, the item duplication exploit lets players duplicate "stackable items" in their inventory.

Apart from that, the user has also presented quite a comprehensive set of instructions on how to get the exploit going for you, and has also advised players to create a second character for this. Users will also note that the video was captured with patch 1.01 installed.

While some users have been unable to get the exploit to work, most of them have already confirmed that they've managed to do so, apart from noting that the exploit is still out there and hasn't been fixed. Plus the video also shows you how to get unlimited Blood Echoes and Blood Stones. Check it out below.