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While the entire gaming fraternity remains divided on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, games are coming in thick and fast from devs across the globe. However, some get more special treatment compared to others if they fall under the "exclusively for the console" category.

The business of releasing exclusives meant for a certain platform isn't necessarily new. We have seen the strategy played time and again for the likes of Gears of War, Halo and God of War series of games. And the latest one to grace the Sony-made platform is set to be the famed Hidetaka Miyazaki-directed Bloodborne.

As of now, Bloodborne is being developed by From Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 4. And mentioned earlier, the game will be treated to the directorial genius of Hidetaka Miyazaki: the same name behind titles such as Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. The game was initially announced at Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 media briefing in June this year.

While the game awaits its final release in March, we have already been treated to a few details related to it. Sure, most of them are indeed in a rumoured state but there are chances that these might come true in the long run. Nonetheless, here's everything we know about the game.

More Monsters than Hades
While we are not allowed to wave our Edgar Allen Poes and Ravens every time we stumble upon something that's gothic, It has to be said that personally this dark gameplay and structures in the game has got us all excited. But nothing excites more than the fact that the monsters inside the game will be a real challenge. As of now, we have already come across three new lethal monsters in the game. While there's the giant ancient watch dog with withered stone-like body covered in a scorching hot flame, there's also the Ritualist who watches over all those who are sleeping in the grave forever. Apart from that, there's the Hunter of the Ancient Ruins who looks over the ones dead and buried in the underbelly of Yharnam. The hunter has blue skin that has never seen the light of day and pupils that are night black in color.

Chalice Dungeons is the Newest Feature
The new Chalice Dungeons feature is meant to take players into the depths of ancient underground ruins located beneath the city of Yharnam. With the help of holy chalices, players can enter these dungeons and explore the vast structures and multiple levels. However, every time a portal is opened up, the structure of the dungeon changes. Filled with traps, nightmarish creatures, and rewards, this is the place to be for the brave and skilled hunters to claim whether they complete them on their own, or with the help of other hunters online.

Major Replay Value
While the new Chalice Dungeons is quite the introduction for all the adventurous sorts out there, it will also offer a boatload of additional content and replay value to the depth and richness of the full game itself. In fact, it can even be uploaded for other people to try out. You can share your dungeons with your friends, or go online to find new Chalice Dungeons to explore. Also, it doesn't matter if you've mastered the game and discovered all of the secrets it has to offer, as there will be new challenges awaiting you.

Varied Architecture... And You Aren't Welcome
According to more details revealed by Sony ahead of the game's final release, the in-game structures, especially the dungeons, will offer a very varied architecture. Not only is the setting vast, but is also extensive vertically. And since you as a stranger aren't really welcome, the hallways are ridden with a variety of traps. One of them is the guillotine that's dripping the blood of the hunters with rotten bodies everywhere leaking fats. Disgusting and brilliant!

Chalice Dungeons are Multi-Levelled
As revealed by Game Director Hidetaka Miyazaki previously, each Chalice Dungeon consists of three levels. While only the top one was shown at PlayStation Experience, it's still only between 10 and 15% of the total size of the dungeon. Apart from that, there over ten areas in Bloodborne, although the Chalice Dungeon remains as the only one that has been procedurally generated. Everything else is designed manually by the developers. Also, know that there are no online requirements for Chalice Dungeons, and they can be played whether you're online of offline.