Zico and Seolhyun went their separate ways after six months of being together.Instagram/Zico

Block B member Zico and AOA's Seolhyun have confirmed that they've ended their relationship after six months of being together. In a recent statement, both artists' agencies said that the two "drifted apart" after their relationship gained a lot of attention from the media.

Seolhyun's agency, FNC Entertainment, said, "The attention toward their relationship was too overwhelming, and they eventually drifted apart, leading to a break-up." However, this view wasn't shared by Zico's agency. In a vaguely worded statement, Seven Seasons told the media, "It's true that the two have recently broken up. The reason for their breakup is unknown, and is a personal matter."

Zico and Seolhyun's break-up came as much as a shock as news of their dating did. On Twitter, fans of the K-pop artists speculated that the two could still be together, and labelled their break-up as a publicity stunt. 

Zico and Seolhyun were forced to address their relationship after pictures of the AOA member in Zico's apartment were published by Dispatch.

In August, the Okey Dokey singer's agency confirmed the two share a sunbae (senior) and hoobae (junior) relationship and the Block B member and Seolhyun were regarded as one of the power couples in K-pop.

Although Seolhyun has stayed away from social media after news of their break-up, her ex-boyfriend has been criticised for displaying a rather brazen and nonchalant attitude after the split.

Zico's recent Instagram post promoted his song, It was Love, and the rapper has been targeted for displaying a lack of emotion. Allkpop quoted one fan as saying, "You're supposed to be sad after a breakup, not showing off your music on SNS." The outlet said that most of Seolhyun's fans found his SNS post "corny" and asked him to "grow up."