Blindspot S1 E19
Blindspot S1 E19Facebook/ Blindspot

"Blindspot" is just a month away from its Season 1 finale and it looks like the plot is just getting thicker and more intense with so many questions yet to be answered and so many secrets yet to be revealed. And this week's episode, will focus on Mayfair's past secrets.

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In episode 18, we saw Jane and Kurt teaming up with FBI's ex-target to search for a threatening international criminal. And Jane on the other hand was forced to make a decision, after she received suspicious orders from Oscar, which could put him at risk.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Mayfair's girlfriend Sofia is still alive. And also, a male guest star informed Tasha that she no longer has to investigate the death of Carter, but will have to observe her own boss Mayfair.

In episode 19, we will see all of Mayfair's deepest, darkest secrets getting exposed. According to the synopsis, Mayfair's personal issues from the past return and the agent has no choice, but to confront them.

The summary also teases that Jane and Kurt along with the team will be hunting for a gunman, after a shooting occurs in a college campus. The promo "In the Comet of Us" shows the FBI Critical Response Team responding to the shooting in a college campus. And later, they discover a bomb in the building.

Meanwhile, Kurt's ex-girlfriend Allison will continue acting jealous with Jane and Kurt's growing closeness.

Plot synopsis for "In the Comet of Us" (via TV Guide) reads: "A shooting occurs on a college campus, so the team halt an investigation to hunt for the shooter. Meanwhile, personal issues from Mayfair's past resurface, forcing her to confront them."

"Blindspot" episode 19 titled "In the Comet of Us" airs on Monday, April 25, 2016, at 10 p.m. on NBC.