"Blindspot" Season 1 is drawing to a close, and as the series nears its finale, the plot is expected to get deeper and more intense. It looks like the showrunners are doing everything to build the story up to an exciting finale. While, fans are still waiting to see if Jane and Weller come closer, the team is busy trying to track down the mole among them.

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In episode 15 we finally saw a man named Keith putting Kurt Weller and his team in danger, and viewers also found out he had something to do with Jane's past. He was actually targeting Jane, and it was revealed the two of them worked together when she was still Taylor Shaw. Meanwhile, Inspector Fischer claimed either Asha, Jane or Bethany Mayfair could be the mole in the team. But we found out he had made this story up to take down Jane.

Now, in episode 16, Tasha will be seen trying to pin down the actual mole in the team after Jane remembers vital information related to Kurt from her past. The team, on the other hand, will be busy tracking down an armoured truck containing chemical weapons. The synopsis of "Any Wounded Theif" teases an armoured truck will be stolen with the intention of killing thousands of people.

The promo of the upcoming episode shows this new chase to locate the terrorists' whereabouts will put Weller and Jane's life in danger again. The trailer shows the two of them tracking down the terrorist who has the bomb in his hand, and at the end of the clip, it is seen that the man activates the bomb, blowing up the entire room where Weller and Jane are still standing.

Now, will Jane's new memory flash back and the dangerous situation, where Weller and Jane have to protect each other, bring them close again? We have to wait and watch.

The plot synopsis of episode 16, "Any Wounded Thief" (via reads: "Chemical weapons are stolen from an armored truck, so the team rush to halt a terrorist plot. Meanwhile, a perplexing memory of Weller haunts Jane as she bonds with Oscar; and someone from Patterson's past reaches out to her."

"Blindspot" episode 16 titled "Any Wounded Thief" airs on NBC April 4, 2016, at 10 p.m.