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"Blindspot" Season 1 is getting more and more intense with Jane's tattoos doling out a new secret every week. While the last couple of episodes have shown Jane losing her position as a trustworthy member in the FBI team, episode 15 will see her going to great lengths to protect the team.

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In episode 14, we saw how one of Jane's tattoos lead the FBI to a sex-trafficking racket, and how they busted it to save an innocent man from being executed. The episode saw Jane taking the back seat while Zapata took centre-stage. She went undercover as a potential trafficking victim to investigate the case and almost got killed.

Jane, on the other hand, was coping with the fact that the team didn't trust her, and also told Oscar she wouldn't work with him anymore. But Oscar said the organisation would kill Kurt Weller if she stopped working with him and helping them.

In episode 15 we will see Jane go missing from action after she decides to leave the team in order to protect them. According to the synopsis of "Older Cutthroat Canyon," a painting from an art gallery is stolen and Patterson tells Jane she has the exact same tattoo the painting featured, making the FBI believe Jane is the target of the operation. But Jane discovers the one who made her tattoos was also one of the founding members of Orion, a group she was part of before losing her memory.

The promo of the upcoming episode shows the tattoo artist could have stolen the painting, and now wants Jane killed. And this whole thing about the stolen painting could be to trap the members of Mayfair's team. While Jane decides to go away from the team to protect them, Kurt puts his life in danger to protect Jane. The last scene of the promo clip shows Kurt unconscious on the ground.

Could he be dead? Will Kurt die to save Jane's life? We will have to wait and watch.

The plot synopsis of "Older Cutthroat Canyon" (via reads: "A painting is stolen from an art gallery, and its image is featured on one of Jane's tattoos. Before long, the team realize that Jane is the true target, and she then runs away to safeguard the team. [sic]"

"Blindspot" airs episode 15 titled "Older Cutthroat Canyon" on NBC March 28, 2016, at 10 p.m.