Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's blooming romance seems to have become the hot topic of discussion on the sets of "The Voice". And now, the latest reports suggest that a good friend of both the coaches, Adam Levine, has indirectly confirmed and kind of approved the relationship while teasing the rumoured couple.

Apparently, the pop singer and the country music crooner, who are both fresh out of their respective marriages, have been flirting big time behind the scenes of the ongoing season 9 of "The Voice". And reportedly, it's their dear friend Adam Levine of Maroon 5 who has been enjoying teasing the duo about a possible romance.

"Blake and Gwen's relationship is definitely water cooler talk on the set of The Voice. Everyone wants to see them happy and it just seems like perfect timing for them to become more than friends. Their two divorces are not really talked about openly — by anyone other than Adam," an insider told Hollywood Life.

The source further claimed that Adam can't help but push the two singers to get hitched as they are both single now. "He loves to tease Blake and Gwen about a possible romance. He jokes that they are both single now so they should just go ahead and do it. He can't help himself," the source said.

The source also explained why Adam has been blatant about his opinion. "Adam and Blake are like brothers so anytime they can give the other one a hard time they go for it. It's all in good fun though as Adam is completely supportive of both Blake and Gwen and the difficult time they have been going through in their personal lives. They are definitely a big loving family," the source added.

The report also highlighted why Blake is the perfect man for Gwen and the reason behind the possible hook-up. "Blake has been a great source of laughter for Gwen during a rough patch in her life. He really helps keep her mind off her split with Gavin. Despite his own marriage trouble, Blake is always smiling and keeping things light on the set. Any time Gwen feels like crying, Blake is there cracking her up. He's helping through her break up with belly laughs," an insider said.

Well, going by the report, it looks like fans will now be hoping to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani become an item.