The fans of Lisa cried with anger on social media against YG Entertainment for not treating her properly as compared to the other members of the Blackpink. Fans of Jisoo are fuming with anger against the agency and have strongly demanded that they respect their icon too. 

According to social media reactions, fans have complained that YG Entertainment has not given Jisoo the due importance as the South Korean pop star deserves. The report further stated that Rose has got the highest lines (8 times) followed by Jennie (7 times), Lisa (5 times) and Jisoo (1 time). Following this event, a massive outrage started where fans began to slam the agency that their icon should have been given more stage time much like her co-stars. 


#YGRespectJisoo trends

To honour their star the fans started a trend, #YGRespectJisoo.

Jisoo, who is originally named is Kim Ji-soo had joined YG Entertainment as a trainee in the year 2011. She had made her first appearance on TV with KBS2 drama The Producers. Post that she had done several commercials before coming to massive limelight in 2016 following the launch of Blackpink in South Korea and later worldwide. 

It was quite recently when Lisa's fans blamed YG Entertainment for not letting her perform offline and wondered why she had not been included in the group advertisements. Fans of Jisoo have also claimed that the agency, YG Entertainment is ignoring her and not promoting the 23-year old idol.

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