NBC's crime-thriller series, "The Blacklist" is currently on hiatus and will be back on the small screen in two months. Several reports have stated that in the upcoming Season 4, Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader) will be the primary antagonist.

In Season 3 finale, fans were left in shock when it was revealed that Liz (Megan Boone) was alive and Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) claimed that he was Liz's biological father.

Several rumours surfacing on the internet state that either Kirk or Reddington will be the "big bad" in the fourth season. This may come as a surprise to the fans as one of the main protagonists could also be the primary antagonist of the series.

The Bitbag has reported that Reddington will be against the main character, Liz, in Season 4. Therefore, most likely, he will be the main villain. The website has stated that the reports were revealed by John Eisendrath who said that Liz was inclined to believe that Kirk is her actual dad.

In the meantime, Ecumenical News has reported that Season 4 might also reveal the true identity of Red and his actual relationship with Liz. In an interview with Deadline, Jon Bokenkamp, creator of "The Blacklist," stated that there is a lot of material to work on the series. Red and Kirk's relationship might lead to the origins of Red and might also explain the true relationship between Liz and Red.

"Red's self-interest is fuelled by his history, and Kirk is part of that history. I think you're going to see we have a lot of story to tell about these two and their relationship," Bokenkamp said.

Whether Red is the real father of Liz or not, will be seen only once the series returns with Series 4, which is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 22 on NBC.