Is Kirk telling the truth about his relationship with Liz?
Is Kirk telling the truth about his relationship with Liz?Facebook / The Blacklist

NBC has announced the premiere date of its crime-thriller series "The Blacklist" Season 4, according to recent reports. The series will return on Sept. 22.

As reported by TV Guide, Season 4 will further explore the story of Red (James Spader), Liz (Megan Boone), Tom (Ryan Eggold), Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen) and the Post Office team.

Fans were left shocked in the previous season when Liz died, succumbing to her injuries after she gave birth to her daughter, Agnes. However, much to the relief of the fans, the later episodes revealed that Liz was only faking her death to protect her daughter from Red and his influence.

In Season 3 finale, it was revealed that Kirk was Liz's real father that put her plan in jeopardy. Boone has said that though it is unclear what Kirk intends to do with Liz while claiming to be her father, Liz doesn't trust him at all.

"I don't think she trusts this guy. He took away her family and possibly the anonymity she tried to gain by faking her death," Boone told Entertainment Weekly.

The executive producers of the show, Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath, also talked about Liz and Kirk's role in the upcoming season.

Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Eisendrath said, "He says he's her father, but is he going to hurt her, help her, be kind to her, or does he want to destroy her?"

Though Kirk's intentions are yet to be found out, Bokenkamp said that there is no reason for Liz to doubt Kirk telling the truth about being her real father.

"I don't know why we wouldn't believe him. Red's said before that he's not Liz's father. This man shows up in her life and says he's her father. Liz should take him at his word. She thought she shot her father. It raises a number of questions, which is going to be the joy of season 4," Bokenkamp added.