Will Red and Liz finally get together?
Will Red and Liz finally get together?Facebook / The Blacklist

Fans were left shocked when Mr Kaplan was seemingly killed by Red in the previous episode and the mystery behind the incident might be revealed in the upcoming episode of The Blacklist.

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For a long time, fans were wondering whether Red and Mr Kaplan will have a face-off or not and it was confirmed in the last episode of the series titled Mato when Red finally shot his right hand person.

The trailer of episode 3 shows a breathless Mr Kaplan fighting for her life. Several speculations state that she might survive the deadly blow and return for the revenge in the upcoming episodes.

If Mr Kaplan survives, Red will surely return for Liz that might lead to two circumstances; either Mr Kaplan's character will say goodbye for good or Red will finally emerge as a villainous character.

Earlier, Mr Kaplan had explained that why she betrayed Red, saying that she had been protecting Liz since the day she was born. When asked from whom she was trying to protect Liz, Mr Kaplan refused to answer.

One of the other highlights of the previous episode was mention of a new character named Annie.

While dying, Mr Kaplan asked Red, "Do you remember what I looked like that night lying in the street, my head torn open, and Annie's body in front of me?"

Red replied, "You know I don't know what you looked like, I was away."

It seems that Annie plays a key role in Red and Mr Kaplan's relationship that might be unveiled in the upcoming episodes of The Blacklist.