James Spader as Red in The Blacklist
James Spader as Red in The BlacklistFacebook / The Blacklist

The upcoming season of The Blacklist is all set to reveal the long-awaited mystery of Liz and Red's relationship, according to the reports.

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Fans of NBC's crime-thriller series are eagerly waiting to find out the mystery behind Liz (portrayed by Megan Boone) and Red's (portrayed by James Spader) relationship and are wondering whether the two are even in love with each other or Red just wants to protect Liz because she is his daughter.

Liz came to know about Red's identity after the events in the episode titled Alexander Kirk revealed her mother's private journals and memorabilia. Much to her shock, Liz came to know that Red was actually her father.

However, Boone has stated that at this point she can not reveal the true nature of her and Red's relationship. She teased that cast members James Spader, Jon Bokenkamp, and John Eisendrath are going to play a significant part in the mystery before it is revealed.

It seems that the mystery is going to further deepen in the upcoming episodes as the real motive behind Alexander Kirk's activities will be revealed to the fans. Also, the truth behind whether Kirk is the biological father of Liz or not will come out in the premiere episode.

Several recent rumours state that Red had an affair with Liz's mother, Katarina and when Red was on a mission, Katarina fell in love with one of the agents. When KGB came to know of it, they suspected that the agent was working for Red and infiltrated Katarina's home.

Katarina escaped with her lover and the child, and was found by Red who protected them from the KGB agents. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the building where they were staying. When Red tried to confront Rostova, he kicked him and got away.