Season 3 of "The Blacklist" is going to be darker than the previous seasons, as Liz (Megan Boone) is now a fugitive. She is no longer working with the law, and this is going to bring in very different dynamics between the characters.

The final moments of the previous season saw Liz and Red (James Spader) driving off together, and Liz being listed on the FBI's most wanted list.

As for how this will affect the season 3 plot, actress Boone told Zap2It that these changes in the task force have forced the show to change its structure.

 "If you break open the entire task force, then it will be challenging to try to find the procedural aspect of the show again," said Boone. "With 22 episodes a year, it does benefit the show to have some kind of a formula … but we are going to sort of break open a lot of the structure of the show."

The premiere episode, according to reports, is entitled "The Troll Farmer" and it will see Liz and Red come in contact with someone from Red's blacklist.

"There's a character named Mr. Solomon who is going to be entering the landscape and is not friendly in any way to Liz or Red or the people they care about," executive producer John Elisendrath told TV Guide. The showrunner further added that Mr Solomon will put someone close to Red in a position that would compromise the safety of others.

Meanwhile, creator Jon Bokenkamp added that fans are going to get glimpses from Liz's criminal past.

"In the pilot, Red said, 'Think like a criminal. It may come easier to you than you think.' We're going to see whispers of her past and how that sort of thinking may be useful in some of these desperate situations," Bokenkamp said.

Season 3 of "The Blacklist" will air on 24 September on NBC.