"The Blacklist" continues as Red and Liz continue on their mission to clear Liz's name. But it now looks like they are tired of running and the duo decided to go offensive against Cabal in episode 3. And now, in episode 4, they will meet another blacklister "The Djinn" who will help Liz seek revenge.

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In last week's episode 3, we saw how Red and Liz went against Cabal to overtake the Verdiant Industries, but their moves had led the FBI to them. The episode titled "Eli Matchett' also saw Tom Keen approach Ressler to help Liz, but is turned away.

This week in episode 4, we will see how Red and Liz will meet a mysterious woman, The Djinn, who actually is another blacklister. The Djinn is expected to help Liz seek revenge from those who framed her as she is known to transform fantasy to reality and also lead them to the Cabal.

Clearly, Liz has revenge on her mind and it looks like she will pursue the partnership with The Djinn get her revenge through. But in between all this, Red and Liz will have to deal with the FBI and Liz's husband Tom Keen continues searching for her.

Meanwhile Navabi and Ressler realise that it would be easier to hunt the duo down as they plan to attack Cabal.

Plot synopsis for "The Djinn" reads: Red asks the task force to help find a woman who fulfils revenge fantasies, who he believes can lead them to the Cabal and one step closer to clearing Liz.

"The Blacklist" season 3 episode 4 titled "The Djinn" will air on NBC on 22 October, 9pm.