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"The Blacklist" Season 3 is currently on a short hiatus and is expected to return next week. NBC aired episode 16, "The Caretaker," Feb. 25, before the series went on a break. The network will not air any new episode even this Thursday, March 31. The fans can now expect to watch episode 17, "Mr Solomon," only on April 7, 2016. 

In episode 16, things didn't go too well between Liz and Red as she realised that he was hiding details about her mother from her. It also showed that she wanted to cut all ties from him. On the other hand, Tom convinced Liz that he is a changed man and how he wanted to start a family with her. 

Now, the network has released a synopsis and even a promo for "Mr Solomon," which teases that the upcoming episode will really be violent and eventful. Though the summary doesn't give out as many details as the promo, it does mention that one decision could alter Tom and Liz's relationship forever. 

Now, what could it be? The promo for episode 17 clearly shows Red trying to convince Liz to rethink her decision about marrying Tom as he feels that men like Tom never change. But it looks like Liz will still go ahead with her call as she is seen walking down the aisle in the clip, even as the words "Red Wedding" flash on the screen. While Red is shown holding a shotgun, along with a group of armed men outside the church, the words "Till death do they part" are heard in the background.

There already have been major speculations about how Tom's past life as a spy will come back haunting and will put his future with Liz in danger. Now apparently, Tom's ex handler called The Major will reportedly return and demand him to wind up unfinished jobs. Also, in some photos that have been released by the network, Tom is seen digging a grave. 

As the name of the episode suggests, we already know that Mr Solomon is returning, so is it possible that Tom is burying the Cabal's hitman? Or is Tom still a double agent? And does it happen before or after the wedding? 

Well, we have to wait and watch for that, but all this put together kind of seconds Red's thoughts about how Tom will never change. 

Plot synopsis of Part 1 or 2 episodes, "Mr Solomon," (via TV Guide) reads: "Thieves target a tactical nuclear weapon, so the team races to stop them and prevent a nuclear disaster. Meanwhile, a decision could alter Tom and Liz's relationship forever." 

"The Blacklist" Season 3 is on a break and will return with Episode 17, "Mr Solomon," on April 7, 2016. For more information on the upcoming episode and live streaming details, don't forget to check back here.